The last tourist in Wuhan: ‘We were told to stockpile food and stay inside’

An Australian man who is currently stuck in the coronavirus-hit city Wuhan has described scenes of chaos.

Josh Nielson, 30, a professional rollerblader, arrived in the city in December and has now found himself in the midst of an apparent pandemic.

He told Daily Star Online: "I was only informed 3 days ago to wear a mask and got told to stock up on food after I heard the city was locked down.

"I was sleeping at my apartment in Wuhan when they announced the lockdown would take place.”

He has also described empty streets in the normally bustling city that has a population of 11 million, saying it looks as though things will get “much worse”.

"I'm OK but apparently you don't feel symptoms for 10 days,” he said.

"In my opinion, this is going to get much worse than where it is now, much worse.

"I think this for two reasons, the censorship of media in China and the fact that this illness was popping up in other countries as the number of infected in Wuhan was barely budging.

"Considering the first case happened at the end of December, it just doesn't make sense to me.

"It's only since it's become world news that the number of infected seem to be jumping 200+ a day.”

It comes as the Chinese Government announced it has started building a 1000-bed hospital within the next few days – a sign the number of infected is much higher than official figures indicate.

Distressing videos from inside Wuhan, which appears to be the epicentre of the virus, also show sheet-covered bodies scattered throughout corridors in hospitals.

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“If you're going to catch the coronavirus it's certainly going to be at the hospital,” Josh added.

“I was supposed to be flying to Amsterdam for the biggest rollerblading contest of the year, Winterclash.

"It was going to be so good but I haven't contacted organisers because there's not much I can do to make it."

"I'm surprised at how fast it all moved, three days ago we were being told to wear a mask and then yesterday the city being on lockdown after only being told to wear masks.

"I started reading online that other countries have already had cases.

"Apparently 30,000 people fly in and out of Wuhan every day and since the first case was at the end of December, who knows how many actually have it?"

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