Woman sparks furious debate after carpet fitter texts her saying 'who the f*** asks for a quote at 12.15am'

A FURIOUS tradesman hit out at a woman who contacted him after midnight to ask how much he'd charge – and the row has sparked a furious online debate.

Interior architectural designer Evandra messaged a carpet fitter for a quote late at night – only for him to reply: "Here's a quote!! Who the f*** asks for carpets at 12.15am?"

She posted a photo of the message on Twitter – where scores of people have now had their say.

Evandra captioned the screenshot of the text: "What in the name of customer service have I just experienced."

Her tweet, which was retweeted more than 13,600 times and liked by nearly 172,000 users, attracted hundreds of comments.

Some of those who replied said the carpet fitter was quite right to respond the way he did – and that Evandra should have messaged during working hours.

Others, however, said he could have just ignored it until the following day.

One tweeted: "So call during the day!! How difficult is that?"

But another told Evandra: "If you emailed or sent an online query, grand – but you texted him."

The debate grew so intense that Evandra launched an online poll, asking who was in the wrong.

A whopping 139,000 people voted between 'Uncle "here's a quote"' or 'The 12.15am babe' – with 59.2 per cent saying the designer was wrong to text so late.

One Twitter user said: "The notification most likely woke him up?

"I’d be p***** as hell if someone texted me at that hour about work and it’s not an emergency."

And others accused her of being "entitled".

One said: "I used to work nights and still respected business hours, even if it meant writing a draft, setting an alarm and getting up to send it, then going back to sleep."

But another said: "I don’t get why people get so upset when they get a text in the middle of the night.

"You don’t have to reply to it right away… just wait to reply in the morning." 

In a later tweet, Evandra said she'd had to mute her original post.

"MUTED as some are upset about PAYING CUSTOMERS enquiring at their own convenience," she said.

"Top tip: You should invest in a business phone which you switch off after your shift!

"Now why don't the 'It's your fault' merchants f*** offfff and pay for my new carpet."

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