How to make passive income on crypto


Blockchain technology is changing the world. These days, we see how many breakthroughs in different areas have been made thanks to the implementation of different DeFi solutions that are based on blockchains. The concept of making passive income on cryptocurrency is one of the most lucrative things for average users.

When you get familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency, you learn that the biggest coin Bitcoin can be gained through mining. However, this is a very expensive way, as you need some sophisticated equipment. Besides, it requires a lot of energy consumption and increases gas emissions. That’s the reason why most traders prefer an alternative way of earning cryptocurrency – staking.

There are many staking solutions in the crypto market these days. But we suggest that if you want to take advantage of all the blockchain technology benefits, you should use the most innovative platforms. AlfaStaking is a good option.

Alfa Staking is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency staking platform that runs on the Polygon blockchain. Why is this solution innovative? The majority of platforms allow purchases of coins only through existing crypto wallets, meaning you’ll need to convert fiat money into crypto and lose some money on commission. Alfa Staking is different – you can buy MATIC coin, the native Polygon token, directly from your credit card. Once you do it, you can easily stake it and start gaining passive income through the return of crypto investments, which account for around 8% daily on Alfa Staking.


The requirement you have to follow is the minimum period of investing, which is 15 days, and the minimum amount staked is 30 MATIC coins. The reward for the starting period is a 7.93% return on a daily basis. For making a deposit of 30 coins to your staking account, you will immediately receive a reward of 10% of your first deposit.

Taking a return on investments isn’t the only way to make passive income on Alfa Staking. You can take advantage of the referral program. Invite your friends to the service by using the referral link and take rewards based on their activity. The more active users you attract to Alfa Staking, the higher your rewards will be.

What about the security of the project? Is it fair or are all the figures out there just to allure you to make a deposit? Running on Polygon, Alfa Staking is a sophisticated solution based on smart contracts. The smart contract was audited by  GenesisLab This guarantees proper decentralization, recording of data about transactions, and no interference with your investments. So, you can start making investments without any concerns regarding security issues!