Technology and Innovation in the US Agriculture: Prospects for 2021

As everyone knows, the United States is the world leader in agriculture. They not only provide their country with everything it needs but also a large share of the production is exported to other countries (more than 15%). But one of the most important roles in agriculture is grain export.

Grain Cleaner Metra ADS-200-CDC

Probably in the 1950s, there were over 5 million farms in the United States. The average area of ​​each was approximately 70 hectares. But by the end of the 90s, the number of farms had dropped to 2 million, just as the number of workers had dropped by 10 times. However, the US population is only increasing every year.

Only modern farms can withstand the competition by introducing new technologies. The scientific and technological revolution can change agricultural business. After all, the influence of technology is very important. According to statistics, 1 person working in agriculture provides about 45-50 people with the necessary food. And thanks to modern technologies, this figure is growing, covering the population of not only the United States but also other countries.

New Technologies Drive Agribusiness Success

The Metra group company presents new technologies in agriculture. It manufactures high-tech grain cleaner. This company creates really new technologies for grain cleaning.

The company was established 6 years ago. Initially, the company distributed grain refining equipment. In 2019, a contract was signed between the United States and one European manufacturer. Thus, co-production of equipment began.

Grain Cleaners from Metra Group

Grain Cleaner Metra ADS-1200

Customers from different countries have already purchased more than 300 cleaning machines from the Metra group. The main plus is that these machines can last for tens of years thanks to new technologies that are used in the construction of harvesters.

Also, its agricultural machinery has a direct-flow axial motor with an impeller. And this helps reduce electricity consumption. So, this is definitely a big plus. Each combine harvester has a digital indicator that shows how much time it will take to refine the grain. And one more plus is that the reverse function can clean the combine harvester from the previous harvest. Moreover, there are no voltage surges in the engine, and the start is smooth.

Modern Agricultural Exhibitions Help Achieve Success

Neither the pandemic nor the crisis has become an obstacle for Metra Group on the way to expand sales around the world. Harvesters of this company regularly participate in agroindustrial exhibitions not only in America. At such events, farmers learn more about new technologies. That is why agricultural equipment from Metra is an indispensable assistant on farms.