ChartEx Is Building Ultralight Infrastructure to Index the Entire IoTeX Blockchain

The IoTeX Foundation has announced ChartEx as its most recent recipient of a Halo Grant, which aims to support projects with software and hardware development, research, education, and community engagement efforts.

“We are excited to welcome ChartEx to the IoTeX Network,” said IoTeX Head of Ecosystem Larry Pang. “With dozens of new Dapps and tools being launched on IoTeX every month, the ability for our community to visualize network activity is paramount, and this is exactly what ChartEx brings to the table.”

ChartEx plans to use the Halo Grant to build infrastructure to launch a new chain that includes indexing the entire chain, building out the collectors, setting up the alerts service to ensure near-zero downtime, and rendering the candles. For the first time, this will provide IoTeX traders with indicators, and strategies to help them make more informed decisions.

“Like IoTeX, ChartEx wants to empower everyday traders to make better trading decisions as it involves their portfolio through the use of technical analysis for decentralized markets,” said ChartEX CMO Chart Chaplin.

Chaplin also said IoTeX is uniquely positioned to track and use data from various connected devices.

“Just like those devices, ChartEx will enable traders to track and chart the various tokens helping power those devices,” he added. “The IoTeX Grant helps bring ChartEx’s multi-Chain infrastructure to the Internet of Things (IoT).”

“IoTeX is pioneering the world of seamlessly merging MachineFi (machine financialization) with DeFi and advanced charting tools that will be a core piece of the infrastructure.” Chaplin stated.

“ChartEx is proud to be the first provider of full candlestick charting for the IoTeX Blockchain,” said the project’s CMO. “We have spent the last few weeks working diligently with the IoTeX Foundation to land an incredible charting experience for their burgeoning ecosystem.”

Chaplin explained that ChartEx will enable users to accurately chart all DEX tokens currently available on the IoTeX chain after completing the development under the grant. IoTeX tokens will also be able to trend and be featured. Additionally, IoTeX ecosystem projects will have access to advertising on the ChartEx website to better promote their brands and products.

ChartEx has built a candlestick charting platform for decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Avalanche, Matic, SushiSwap, and Binance Smart Chain. It is a top provider offering a technical analysis for decentralized markets.

The IoTeX Foundation manages the Halo Grant. It provides funding and technical support to empower community projects that benefit the fast-growing IoTeX ecosystem. It currently boasts 126 projects, including DeFi, P2E Gaming, NFT minting, smart contract applications, token launchpads, health data platforms, and many others.

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