Frankfurt School Blockchain Center Establishes DLT Learning Standard

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, or FSBC, is working towards improving the standard of digital ledger technology (DLT). Amid the expanding blockchain scene, several stakeholders are enacting modalities to ensure a continuous supply of skilled workforce in the novel sector.

FSBC Establishes DLT Education Consortium e.V.

According to a Medium blog post published on Monday (Jan. 11, 2021), the FSBC has co-founded the Swiss-based DLT Education Consortium (DEC) as well as the DEC Institute AG. Situated in Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley,’ the DEC will create a standardized blockchain learning curriculum for greater transparency in education and certification targeted at blockchain-based professionals.

Joining the FSBC in the DEC consortium are the Lucerne School of Information Technology, the University College London, and the International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad.

An excerpt from the announcement reads:

“Within its role, FSBC will provide the DLT Education Consortium (DEC) with its long-lasting and profound expertise in education and training in the blockchain sphere.”

For the DEC, the plan is to expand its membership base with seasoned academic and professional establishments that can offer robust blockchain examination standards for different educational institutions and other target clientele. As part of this effort, the DEC is looking towards consolidating the existing pool of DLT-based educators to create adequate certification standards for employers, job seekers, and universities alike.

Commenting on the DEC’s plans, Prof. Philip Sandner of the FSBC remarked:

“We already have commitments from large multinational consulting, audit and legal firms that plan to strengthen their teams’ knowledge and expertise through the DEC Institute.”

The DEC also plans to foster greater community engagement and networking among DLT educators, blockchain research and development centers, and academic institutions among others. For the DEC, such synergistic information flow within the blockchain education ecosystem will lead to the establishment of robust learning materials and in-depth knowledge bases for all participants.

Promoting Blockchain Education

Several stakeholders in the crypto and blockchain space have unveiled programs aimed at improving the standard of DLTeducation. According to some commentators, the massive spike in blockchain-related jobs could lead to a skills shortage in the industry if DLT education is not prioritized.

Back in August, major crypto market data provider CoinMarketCap launched an educational program with BAND tokens as rewards. Popular crypto exchanges like Binance have also joined blockchain-based education alliance initiatives to foster the spread of DLT knowledge.

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