The Sandbox, AAVE & Major ICOs All Use Request Invoicing for Convertible Crypto-Fiat Invoicing & Payroll

Blockchain-based financial services provider Request Finance today announced it had added The Sandbox (SAND) to its list of high-profile clients.

The Sandbox Taps Request Finance’s Services

Request Finance offers a suite of innovative and robust blockchain-based financial services to crypto firms.

Today, Request Finance announced that the leading metaverse project, The Sandbox had joined its list of high-profile clients that leverage the firm’s financial services.

Notably, The Sandbox began using Request Finance’s services at the beginning of 2021 and was instantly impressed with the firm’s invoicing app.

To date, the blockchain-based metaverse project continues to use Request Finance’s suite of financial services that include its extensive fiat-crypto invoicing, payroll, and bookkeeping functions.

Importantly, now The Sandbox uses Request Invoicing to make all its $SAND-oriented payments.

Why Choose Request Finance?

The Sandbox’s management team’s decision to use Request Invoicing stemmed from multiple reasons. Primarily, however, it was the significant cost in time and effort required to manually process and account for cryptocurrency payments.

After exploring all options in the market, The Sandbox team zeroed selected Request Invoicing due to its robust features such as invoicing requests and batch payments.

Commenting on the development, Sebastien Borget, COO, The Sandbox, said:

“Request provided us a simple way to manage and pay our invoices all in one place. It reduced the time we spent making payments each month by 90%”.

Request Finance Continues to Add New Clients

Having launched its services in August 2020, to date, Request Finance has processed more than $144 million in crypto invoices and has inked deals with over 900 corporate clients the world over.

Request Finance’s pool of clients includes AAVE, MakerDAO, and Chainstack, as well as regular businesses and freelancers eager to use crypto.

Christophe Fonteneau, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Request Finances said:

“As crypto becomes increasingly accepted as an asset class and payment method, we see more leading crypto organizations choosing Request to manage their financial operation with crypto.”

Request Finance is primed to become the leading app for crypto invoicing. This is evident from its star-studded user base and support for an increasing number of cryptocurrencies that currently include more than 40 digital currencies and stablecoins, 9+ fiat currencies, and 10+ blockchains.

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