The MVP of Tr3zor, a revolutionary platform solving lost and stolen items recovery problems through a synergy between access to a global database,

incentive-driven model, and blockchain ecosystem, is officially launched on both App Store and Play Store.

Yearly, statistics show there are over 80M luggage lost at the airports. The statistics become alarming when we consider the number of phones, laptops, keys, and other essential items stolen or forgotten in public and private locations daily.

Indeed, losing these items is very inconvenient, but it gets frustrating when considering the cost of replacing lost items.

Almost every individual can relate to this consistently recurring event.

Before now, we’ve seen technological companies identifying the problems of recurring lost items and proffering solutions to them. Most of these solutions have had little success due to their mechanism of operation, which relies on the goodwill of individuals without any compensation model and lacks global reach and a database-driven system.

Does this have to remain the norm?

Our answer to this question is NO. This is the drive behind what we do at Tr3zor.

Tr3zor stands out as a company not only because of its revolutionary product, which incorporates the unrivaled benefits of blockchain technology into its core, but also because of the accessibility to a global database at one click on the phone.

This feat is simply unprecedented, and we’re just getting started.

The MVP, which launched for both android and iOS, offers every individual with a smartphone and internet connectivity an opportunity to search for any item globally and return any item and get rewarded doing so. Our mechanism of operation prioritizes ease of use, convenience and security.

Simply amazing, but there’s more.

Currently, the TR3 token, the native token of the Tr3zor platform, is selling at a 75% discount at our presale event ending on 31/11/2021. This will immediately lead to the main sale at a 50% discount from 1/12/2021 to 31/12/2021.

The truth is, recognizing opportunities and seizing them is one of the ways to build financial benefit. Tr3zor not only offers a solution to lost and stolen items but also ways to maximize the platform for economic benefits.

Every revolutionary project needs believers, dreamers, those who dare to think outside the box. We need you to join us and grow with us.

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