Coinomize is what every Bitcoin Holder needs |

Truth to be told, just a few of the people who buy Bitcoin for the first time actually remain in the crypto world. This is strange, considering how much blockchain technology offers – no centralized parties, no waiting time for transfers, no high cost.

Then what is the problem?

The answer might surprise you. 

Bitcoin does not offer complete privacy. Yes, that’s right, the whole anonymity idea was far from perfect. Even though every data is encrypted and your name is not shown, you can still be tracked.  Any financial activity with BTC is recorded on the blockchain, which is public. If somebody holds a grudge against you, he can follow the transactions chain and get to the origin.

How does Coinomize help?

Simple. Coinomize introduced the Bitcoin Mixer – an impressive software that expands the chain of transactions such that it becomes too difficult to follow. 

The mechanism implies just three steps:

How much is it to get the software?

Well, that’s the best part. Despite the high technology level, Coinomize costs a maximum of just 5% of your Bitcoin deposit. It varies based on how much power you want for mixing and how much time you can wait for the transfer.

Can newbies use Coinomize as well?

Of course! The platform was not intended for specialists but for everyone interested in joining the crypto-community. That’s why Coinomize’s team ensured to offer answers to customers’ queries. We are talking about video guides, FAQ pages, and even educational articles on cryptocurrencies.

So, what are you waiting for?  

Whether you are a Bitcoin expert or a beginner, this technology will change your life, guaranteeing complete anonymity and, therefore, safety from malicious actors. 

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