eToro’s New Bitcoin Account Incentives Are So Good

The cryptocurrency market is trending once again, thanks to Bitcoin’s big breakout and rally beyond $40,000. Altcoins are also following the BTC’s lead, which in turn has sparked massive FOMO amongst retail investors, alongside institutions.

Investors are flooding eToro like never before, causing new user registrations to grow 25 times the number the company was seeing the year prior. But it isn’t all due to Bitcoin, eToro themselves are also offering an incentive that is just too good to pass up.

eToro New Users Growth Surges 25x Over Same Timeframe 2020 

To celebrate Bitcoin’s historic rally, trading giant eToro has begun offering US-based investors a free $500 reward bonus for doing nothing more than registering a new account and depositing over $5,000. 

Users are flocking to cryptocurrencies as is, but with eToro offering what is essentially a ten percent deposit boost for opening an account, over 380,000 new accounts got created in only 11 days. That’s roughly 35,000 news users each day.

The New Account Bonus Offer That’s Too Good To Pass Up

eToro is also taking steps to protect those users from the unprecedented crypto market volatility. For one, margin trading accounts were disabled to avoid investors losing funds due to being over-leveraged in a rapidly swinging market. 

The company is also considering pausing buy orders during the weekend when volatile and volume is the highest.

“We did this in response to the volatility in crypto markets, and we believe it was the most prudent action to take,” eToro spokeswoman Amy Butler said. 

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Last weekend, BTC price dropped a full $10,000, resulting in extreme volatility – volatility that the platform aims to protect its users from.

eToro offers crypto investors more than just Bitcoin. Other altcoins listed on the platform include Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Cardano, EOS, NEO, Tezos, and many more.

The platform also offers several unique cryptocurrency market features, such as copy trading and a live social feed of top crypto traders and investors from around the US.

To learn more about eToro’s features, its growing list of cryptocurrencies, and to take full advantage of the incredible $500 new account bonus the community is clamoring about, visit

Disclaimer: This offer is only available to eToro users in the US. 




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