Here’s how you can become a Bitstocks shareholder

Bitstocks will be doing a crowdfund in 2021, which means that the public—like you and me—will be able to become shareholders of the U.K.-based company. At the moment, pre-registration for the Bitstocks crowdfunding campaign is live, and you can sign up here. 

The Bitcoin company is looking to raise at least £1 million in this round of crowdfunding, and anyone who pre-registers will get exclusive early access to participate ahead of the campaign going live to the general public.

“It’s not that we are against VC investment, however, our whole message as a company from the beginning has been one of individual sovereignty; we’re building upon transparency and building new financial infrastructure on top of the Bitcoin SV ledger,” Bitstocks founder and CEO Michael Hudson said. “We want to be engaged with our community and to each be vested in each other’s success. By the people, for the people. But we’ll continue to be open to VCs and strategic partners in the future.”

A crowdfund is one of the best ways for a business to connect with its supporters and individuals who believe in their mission so that they can prosper together. If you have a stake in a business, then you will also have a stake in the business’s success and feel committed to doing all that you can to see that company succeed. A crowdfunding campaign is designed to have a positive feedback loop. It also feels much more stable when the investment is coming from people who support the company because they believe in it opposed to individuals whose job it is to make profitable investments. 

The price of one share in Bitstocks will be £3,600; however, the minimum investment size is £10; CrowdCube automatically rounds your investment amount up or down to the nearest complete sub-share price.

So what does Bitstocks have planned for the future? How does Bitstocks plan to grow with the capital that they raise?

According to Hudson, “Without giving too much away, this next stage of the business is about building on top of the strong foundations we’ve already laid over the past 3 years. We’re currently working on releasing an industry-first solvency & transparency feature that will be the cornerstone of Gravity going forward. Next is to unlock global cross-border micropayments through the creation of our own stablecoin. And finally, we will deliver these features in the Personal Account experience that you’re all familiar with; including access to a debit card, savings and loans. Investors coming on board with us will truly be contributing to building the future of finance for everyone.”

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