IPX Wallet Staking Is Live On Tachyon VPN v2.6 Android Client!

IPX Staking is now available in the IPX Wallet of Tachyon VPN v2.6 Android Client, Tachyon Protocol (IPX)’s VPN service. IPX Staking on IPX Wallet will allow participants to stake tokens directly inside the Tachyon VPN platform even if they do not run a node. Thus, participants will be able to earn staking rewards easily since there is no limitation on the staking amount. All related information and reports will be readily available on the platform itself.

With native wallet staking now live, the Tachyon team now offers IPX staking through three different methods: 1) Tachyon Node Manager, 2) ipxus.com, and 3) IPX Wallet on Tachyon VPN’s latest Android version i.e. v2.6. Rewards from IPX Wallet Staking can be boosted by locking extra IPX as well. Boosting effectiveness depends on the amounts and durations of staked and boosted IPX tokens at individual and overall levels. Users can also opt to stake IPX from the Bithumb exchange. A combined total of 220M+ IPX is currently staked through all the methods which is ~83% of circulating supply staked already. Stakers have earned nearly 15M IPX till now. Live stats on staking are available on the website.

Staking has never been easier. One-click and you are done!

The release of v2.6 Android Client is as per the schedule and sets up Tachyon VPN to onboard the next million users. With IPX Staking now live directly in the IPX Wallet, entry barriers to staking are removed since users don’t need any technical skills to stake tokens anymore. This is because staking is now possible with a single click. This is the simplest possible staking mechanism out there. Download Tachyon VPN from the Google Play Store and try it out yourself today!

Download Tachyon VPN on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eco.tachyon.android

Follow the official guide: https://medium.com/tachyon-protocol/ipx-wallet-staking-is-now-available-on-tachyon-vpn-v2-6-android-client-ebf0e00850fb

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