Kick-Off 2021 The Right Way With Rewards From Crypto.Com

With 2020 now in the past, 2021 is already moving full steam ahead with the crypto market setting new highs and industry leader kick-starting the new year with exclusive CRO rewards.

Here’s how you can sign up to become a Crossfire validator and earn your share of $300,000 worth of CRO rewards. 

Participate In The Crossfire Mainnet Dry Run, Get CRO Rewards! has a novel new year gift for existing and potential new users – a competition that runs from January 18 and ends on February 15. This contest comes with handsome rewards for supporting the Crossfire mainnet dry run. 

The mainnet launch will happen in four different phases, with phase 0 – the registration phase – now open. Successful applicants can test the commands and setup by joining’s existing testnet. However, there are no rewards for this phase.

Phase 1 or the validator setup phase will see the launch of the special testnet. Participants will be able to set up a primary node to submit at least one block commitment to the network to be eligible for CRO Rewards. 

Phase 2 is all about keeping your node active, and CRO Rewards will be awarded to anyone who maintains a primary node with at least 50% uptime. At the completion of phase 2, a network upgrade will be performed by participants, and those who have successfully completed the upgrade may receive additional CRO Rewards.

Phase 3 is the network attack and defense phase, where participants are encouraged to really stress test Crossfire. Additional tasks may be added to this phase, but for now, users are encouraged to launch attacks and perform any other tests they can conduct.

How To Earn New Year Rewards From Crypto.Com 

Participants can also earn more rewards for referring other participants to join in on the mainnet dry run. Each referrer and the referee will receive a referral bonus worth $50 in CRO.

Validators can earn rewards for entry tasks of up to $1,000 in CRO, and the network upgrade earns another $150 each to 200 winners. A jackpot prize of $10,000 worth of CRO tokens and an MVP prize of $13,000 in CRO will be shared amongst the top ten validators.  

Finally, the network attack sharing and bug bounty program hold $50,000 worth of CRO token prizes to be spread across contributors. There’s even a Twitter quiz for a chance to win another $100 worth of CRO each week!

With so many CRO Rewards on the line, the demand to participate in the mainnet dry run is high, and spots are filling up quickly. Register today to help support the Crossfire mainnet dry run and start the new year by earning CRO rewards from Also, be sure to visit the company’s official blog for rules and other details.

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