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KickPad is a decentralized project built on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a launchpad- and an IDO platform made to simplify token sales and trustlessly lock liquidity. KickPad aims to be an all-inclusive IDO platform — minimizing rug pulls, maximizing security, and primarily creating a better Defi experience for everyone. 

The IDO works by selling 70% of the tokens in the private rounds and 30% in the public sale. Any unsold tokens in the private sale are given to the public round. To participate in the private rounds, you will have to stake $KPAD tokens in order to get a “pool weight score.” The higher the weight score, the higher the potential allocation. The same procedure applies for public sales, but you are not required to stake, only hold $KPAD tokens.

Current Issues with BSC and Defi

Several issues in Defi must be tackled head-on. The creation and launch of KickPad intend to fix some of these. If you have been in the crypto space for a couple of months, you have most likely observed or been a victim of rug pull scams (where the seller makes money from presale and exit the project). These scams are everywhere and inevitably ruin the security of investments. Sadly, there are not many ways to avoid it. Presales are quite risky to investors because they have no assurance or guarantee that their funds will be available, and the uncertainty of liquidity-lock is also a considerable problem. Removing the uncertainty of liquidity-lock is undoubtedly a massive improvement in Defi security, but it will not eliminate every rug pull. With incorrect code, bad actors can still mint tokens and sell them on the market.

KickPad mainly offers two things:
1. An IDO platform where you can join exclusive initial digital offerings by holding $KPAD tokens.
2. A presale platform KickDEX on Binance Smart Chain that automatically adds liquidity to PancakeSwap. KickPad lets you invest in presales while knowing that liquidity will be added, and LP tokens will be automatically locked up. Liquidity tokens are automatically locked for a specified period, preventing rug pulls. 

Essentially, KickPad’s presale platform works in 4 simple steps:
1. Run a presale
2. Select how much liquidity to add to PancakeSwap
3. Select how long to lock liquidity for
4. The smart contract does both automatically.

IDO Launchpad 

KickPad IDO launchpad and incubation platform intend to partner with projects and help them with marketing, go-to-market strategies, and technical advice and assistance. You have probably seen the explosive growth of Polkastarter($POLS) and the projects it incubates. By getting into KickPad early, you will have the same opportunity. Holding $KPAD will grant you access to join a specifically made pool for those who own a certain amount of our tokens. 

How is KickPad different from its competitors? 

KickPad aims to be one of the main IDO and presale platforms on BSC. Bringing presale opportunities to the normal crypto user, while minimizing rugs. Considering the competitive edge that KickPad has with its automatic liquidity lock, specializing in incubating anonymous teams – There really is no specific competition in Defi. 

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