Smart Advertising Transaction Token Doubles Down On Decentralization

Since launch, Smart Advertising Transaction Token commonly known as SaTT has been making headlines in the crypto airwaves for their revolutionary blockchain-based products. Conceived out of the desire to bring decentralization to the advertising industry, SaTT deploys blockchain innovation to bring transparency, efficiency, and non-custodial advertising gateway to the ad industry. 

SaTT is an influencer-based advertising product that connects advertisers to publishers (social media influencers) together, allowing publishers to create content via these social media channels and in turn get paid for their effort based on the level of engagement derived (number of views, shares, likes, comments of the publication)

With the help of decentralized smart contract oracle, SaTT connects advertisers to publishers (social media influencers) together, allowing publishers to create content via these social media channels and in turn get paid for their effort based on the level of engagement derived (number of views, shares, likes, comments of the publication)

Early this year, SaTT integrated its decentralized advertising solution with the top social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Allowing advertisers to promote their products and services through influential marketing strategies. 

SaTT Embarks On A 6-Months Journey To Open-source 

What makes SaTT a unique advertising solution is its decentralization powered by blockchain technology, one that isn’t common in the ad industry. Being a brainchild of several years of innovation by experienced blockchain and marketing professionals, SaTT takes decentralization seriously. As such, the project announced sometime in October their plans to go open-source. Commenting on the development, the SaTT team noted that: 

“It has always been clear to us that a blockchain project, decentralized by definition, cannot be constrained by a centralized environment. This is why after much consulting amongst our team, advisors, and associates, we have decided that SaTT is ready to be an open-source project!”

With this move, SaTT aims to build a project that can “benefit from community contributions and exceed our vision and know-how, establishing itself as a universal reference.” For this six months period, SaTT will be focused on releasing its enterprise crypto wallet for iOS users, redeploying the SaTT wallet interfacing, adopting “Pay by SaTT” for enterprise e-commerce, and many more. 

Within this timeframe, every single product released by SaTT will be made open-source. Once open source, SaTT will benefit from wide-range community contributions liken to what is currently being witnessed in the Ethereum community for instance. 

SaTT is currently trading on a couple of centralized exchanges and has taken up the initiative to get onboard on a number of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to align its commitments to building a sustainable decentralized ecosystem. 

Currently, SaTT is listed on two of the most popular and largest DEXs by trading volume, Uniswap, and Binance DEX. The most recent listing is Binance DEX which came as a surprise move to the community, a development that sets SaTT on the path to becoming a prominent actor in the Binance ecosystem. 

The news of Binance DEX listing was received massively, which resulted in a mammoth rally of over 50% in SATT price to set a new all-time market capitalization of $12.5 million. Since the opening of the year, SATT has rallied more than 150% to reach its current price, with a lot of potential for the future. 

The SATT token is deployed on the Binance Chain as BSATT and is listed under the BNB market, BSATT has been available for trading under the BSATT/BNB pairs beginning from January 8th.

SaTT journey to an open-source, fully decentralized advertising platform sets the project on the path towards providing an advertising solution with the lowest cost, instant and efficient payment network, decentralized governance system, and relevant statistics.

The Founding Team

Blockchain-based advertising solution SaTT was founded by founder and CEO Gauthier Bros who are owners of ATAYEN Inc., a marketing company that has a reputation for developing and deploying business pages for enterprise companies on Facebook. 

The team leverages on its numerous years in the advertising industry to bring a lot of innovation to SaTT. In order to deliver a concise and transparent advertising metric, SaTT utilizes the smart contract oracle developed by ATAYEN to interface between advertising data sources to convey analytical data on the performance of an ad campaign. 

Since its inception, the SaTT team hasn’t fallen short of delivering innovative blockchain-based advertising products both for enterprise and for everyday business use. The project’s journey to open-source positions it towards delivering workable and revolutionary blockchain products. 

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