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The Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) industry has steadily grown and become an investment channel that attracted the extraordinary attention of the market in recent years with specific potential benefits brought along. Amidst diversified scores of investment projects nowadays, the only objectives of traders are to maximize the profits besides guaranteeing their safety at the highest level. Xpool and the XPO token will be a worthy project for you to invest in 2021, as the outstanding benefits that Xpool brings will be clearly demonstrated through this article. Now let us find out more about the most awaited project in 2021 – Xpool and the XPO token!


  • What is Xpool?

Xpool is an open-source liquidity protocol built on the BSC (also known as Binance Smart Chain), which allows users to borrow assets from the platform and adds liquidity to the exchange by depositing assets into Xpool, thereby fostering higher potentials to earn profits from your own assets.

  • X-pool and its three distinctively remarkable attributes for self-brand positioning


Xpool operates in a sense of being completely decentralized and permissionless while still maintaining a full monitoring intention over the cash flow of borrowers and depositors.


All loan transactions are processed through smart contracts, recorded and stored on the blockchain. This attribute ensures a high level of reliability, security, testability, and authenticity.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain

Compared to the Ethereum network, Binance Smart Chain has much better speed and much lower transaction fees. This helps the chain gain a competitive advantage and outstanding liquidity compared to its own competitors.

Xpool’s competitive advantages 

Loan protocol optimization on the Binance Smart Chain platform is a huge competitive advantage that helps Xpool build a better reputation in the Defi market:

  • The most reasonable transaction cost in the market

Most DeFi applications involve multiple/multi-level transactions, which might incur a transaction fee at each step. For this reason, blockchain fees are an important factor to consider before choosing a blockchain protocol. Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum are two of the most popular blockchains chosen for DeFi projects. However, when it comes to blockchain fees, Binance Smart Chain is substantially more cost-effective than Ethereum. Thus, X-pool has an outstanding advantage when transaction fees are recognized at the most reasonable level in the market compared to the competitors.

  • The fastest transaction speed in the market:

Avoiding unnecessary delays and restraints of nonessential execution in transactions is another factor that DeFi developers must consider before choosing a blockchain. Binance Smart Chain, compatible with smart contracts for decentralized applications, is connected to a high throughput Binance Chain to achieve shorter confirmation times and higher transaction processing speed that is programmable. X-pool guarantees a stably high speed for every transaction.

Thanks to the outstanding competitive advantages from Xpool, it results in the greater potential from Defi for everyone to have access to the global financial market with the following benefits:

  • The protocol has no interference

Xpool is an unsupervised and non-interfering platform with a great degree of assurance that money will not be misused and full control of assets for their users.

  • Flexible interest rate options

Xpool offers the users attractive interest rate options. Lenders can choose between a steady rate and a variable rate depending on their investment goals.

  • Open-source

Adopting the essence of Defi, Xpool provides open-source lending protocols, which are generally more secure as it undergoes a rigorous community peer review process, assuring all operations and functionality.

  • High annual interest earnings

Depositors will receive dynamic income with attractive APY providing liquidity to the platform as with monthly bank savings.

XPO is a token of Xpool. The XPO token is the  BEP-20 governance token of the platform and is primarily used for voting in governance decisions, used as collateral and users can earn interest on deposit and get discounts for Xpool services.

  • Token specification

Name: XPO

‌Symbol: XPO

‌Network: Binance Smart Chain

‌Spec: BEP-20

  • Token allocation

Max supply: 210,000,000 XPO

‌Airdrop: 1% – 2,100,000 XPO

‌IDO 1: 2% – 4,200,000 XPO

‌IDO 2: 1% – 2,100,000 XPO

‌Liquidity: 0.75% – 1,575,000 XPO

‌Farming: 95.25% – 200,025,000 XPO

III. How to join Xpool IDO program

At 11:30 PM GMT+8 on April 4th, the first IDO program will be held in LaunchZone PadX. PadX is the on-chain launchpad for crypto startups to raise their fund through the process called IDO (Initial Dex Offering). 


Steps To Participate in $XPO Token Sale:

Step 1. Lock BSCX

All users who lock at least 100 BSCX will have a chance to join the IDO program. 

1 wallet address can lock up to 1,000 BSCX

Step 2: Get ticket 

For each 100 BSCX token is locked, the user will get 1 lottery ticket that is called Lucky Star. The lottery will take place, and the winning Lucky Stars will automatically participate in the IDO in exchange for XPO (this process is done automatically once you applied for a Lucky Star and won any ticket).

Step 3: Claim Participation Slots 

After learning which Lucky Star tickets are winning Participation Slot (12h before whitelist), the owners of winning Lucky Star tickets can claim their Participation Slots and use the slots to buy IDO with BSCX token. It is required that buyers claim their reward and make a purchase before the Claim period ends or the Progress bar reaches 100%.

How to get Lucky Star Ticket to buy XPO? Follow our introduction via this link https://bscex.org/docs/how-to-get-lucky-star-tickets-and-buy-ido-on-padx/ 

Step 1. Register for the BSCX Heroes Program

Register for the BSCX Heroes Program with the Sower Bot

Telegram accounts can be linked to one Twitter account only.

Step 2. Get whitelisted

Only those who are on the LaunchZone whitelisted can participate in the second round of Xpool IDO. Each whitelisted address can buy a maximum of $100 worth of XPO paid in BSCX token. If the number of whitelisted addresses is bigger than the total available slots, our software will follow the first-come, first-served (FCFS) rule.

This is how to win the LaunchZone whitelisted position for the second round by participating in our BSCX Heroes Program: https://launchzone.org/docs/2070-2/

Get your chance to be a part of XPOOL!


X-pool is one of the next best DeFi projects established in 2021 built on the Binance Smart Chain with the objectives to enhance transparency and create more opportunities for all traders in the market to approach a new form of financial investment. Low transaction costs and fast transaction processing speed will be two core factors in distinguishing and positioning  X-pool among numerous competitors in the present day.

As well, the launch of the XPO token with an impressive total amount and reasonable liquidity signaled the potential of this project in the near future. Indeed, this is truly a worthy DeFi investment project where you are authorized to complete control. Investing early and smartly in a project like X-pool is something you cannot miss in 2021. Wish you all the best!

Join us now at:

Website: https://xpool.app/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Xpoolofficial

Telegram channel: https://t.me/xpoolofficial

Telegram group: https://t.me/xpoolofficialgroup

Medium: https://medium.com/@Xpool

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