After Smart-Contracts, NFT’s Make Their Way On Cardano Blockchain!

It’s a couple of hours ago that the Cardano Smart Contracts has been launched, and now, the developers are minting NFT tokens too. Yes, you read it right! Right after the launch, new NFT tokens were created using the Plutus script token factory. A developer minted 3 NFT’s using the factory called Kevin, Charles & Tim. 

The blocks 6236229, 6236236 & 6236348 are the blocks where NFT’s were minted, just after the launch of smart contracts. The developer also hailed the efforts put up by the Cardano team for more than 4 years in order to bring a notable revolution in the crypto space. The smart contracts written in Haskel no doubt would be a little challenge to find mass adoption, yet a slow yet steady increase may be imminent.

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How This Could Impact Cardano(ADA) Price?

These NFT’s are currently the first Plutus code to run on mainnet and hence can turn into a blessing for the Cardano community. The ADA price could also get a major boost with the NFT’s making their way out on the Cardano blockchain. As the NFT’s currently are booming in a similar way the DeFi’s did in 2020.

Cardano price had surged more than 16% in the past weekend yet after a pullback, the price appears to have shed its gains. However, the price sustains at the strong support levels and attempting to rebound with a good margin. And the current rounds of positive sentiments with respect to NFT’s, the price could also get a substantial boost.

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