Delchain, Flare Partner To Advance Seamless Cryptocurrency Transactions

Digital asset financial services provider Delchain has teamed with specialized blockchain network Flare to facilitate safe, peer-to-peer transactions of cryptocurrencies on the Flare platform.

Delchain, a subsidiary of the Deltec International Group, is a licensed Financial Corporate Service Provider, regulated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas with offices in The Bahamas and Singapore. Delchain provides a full suite of financial services to support blockchain institutions and high net worth clients, including: Fiat banking, Capital markets, Advisory, Staking, and Digital asset custody.

Flare is a new smart contract platform and the first to apply Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) consensus to smart contracts. Due to Flare not requiring a token for staking to garner security, Flare’s token, Spark ($FLR) is used to enable a trustless, non-custodial and decentralized way to enable any cryptocurrency from any other chain to be used in smart contracts on Flare.

Through the partnership, Delchain is now officially a custodian of Flare’s native token $FLR and the assets that can be bridged onto Flare (F-Assets). By receiving coming and future tokens within the Flare environment, Delchain’s participation adds an extra layer of authority. Together, the companies will advance reputable, licensed, and seamless transactions.

“We have always remained passionate about improving our services for our clients but partnering with Flare has allowed us to show and tell our priorities and our core values,” said Bruno Macchialli, the CEO of Delchain. “With Flare we found that their commitment to safety and innovation allows for consumers to continue to trust the cryptocurrency world a little bit more through facilitating secure and seamless transactions. We understand that advancement in every aspect is important to our clients and that is really what this partnership is about.”

“Flare is excited to work with Delchain as custody provider to the Flare ecosystem. Custody providers play a very important role in making the decentralized world accessible to financial institutions,” said Hugo Philion, the CEO of Flare.

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