FBS CopyTrade Gets a Brand New Look and Interface

FBS CopyTrade, a social trading platform, has fully renewed a trader’s profile and made investing communication between market performers more informative.

FBS CopyTrade raises the standards

FBS CopyTrade is the app that allows profiting without spending much time or putting much effort into it. The app is suitable even for people without any trading experience, which is possible thanks to a trader’s profile. The trader’s profile is a great gold mine of information about a trader and his success in the market.

Now, a new version of a trader’s profile is already available in the app. It takes market players’ interactions to the next level. The updates increase the chances of picking a top trader to follow and therefore earn.

Use metrics and speed up your investing

A trader’s profitability analysis does not take much time because there are two new screens  ̶  Account Details and Info  ̶  that have definitions of profitability indicators. Thus, it saves time to understand if trader’s achievements meet investor’s needs.

An investor can use two new profitability indicators  ̶  Balance and Equity. They improve the likelihood of investing in the most promising market performer along with other indicators, like Drawdown, Activity, etc.

Analyze the charts and invest in the best

The most pleasant change concerns the look of the trader’s profile. Now the app user has a better way to check trader’s Return rate and Risk level because the charts have become more visual and illustrative. They help oversee traders’ progress in the market and make hypotheses for future actions.

FBS CopyTrade takes it to the next level

The FBS CopyTrade app has gone forward and improved a trader’s profile for the clients’ convenience. The social trading app did its best to make investing information exchange between traders and investors faster, easier, and more profitable.

As a result, chances to follow the most promising and successful market player have increased, therefore the possibility to earn.

The FBS CopyTrade app is a dynamically developing platform for social trading, where people with no trading experience increase their capital by investing in top market performers. More than 2 million investors have joined the app since it was launched in 2018.

FBS CopyTrade allows investors to copy traders’ orders and, therefore, make profits. In turn, the traders get a commission from every copier after a successful transaction. The app’s support team operates 24/7 in more than 15 languages.

About FBS

FBS is an international broker with over 150 countries of presence and 12 years of experience, providing knowledge via free seminars, special events, educational materials, and daily analytics.

In January 2020, FBS became the Official Trading Partner of FC Barcelona. Since August 2021, the broker is also the Official Principal Partner of Leicester City Football Club.

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