FXPro’s BnkPro Goes Live with Innovative Features

Financial services provider, FXPro recently went live with its new brand BnkPro. The company’s website is now accessible. According to the details mentioned on the website, BnkPro offers various financial services, including banking and investments.

In terms of banking, users of BnkPro will be able to open current accounts in multiple currencies. Clients can track their payment history and generate account statements easily. Moreover, the banking section offers a smooth experience in terms of financial transactions.

BnkPro also provides a range of investment opportunities. Users can trade shares listed on US (Nasdaq, NYSE), UK-LSE, Germany (XETRA), France, Belgium, Portugal, and Netherlands (Euronext) exchanges from a single account.

“While our BnkPro app is a complete all-in-one solution with integrated access to your investment portfolio, we understand the need for a more visual and in-depth desktop solution with advanced screeners and filters. Get the best of both worlds with BnkPro. The Invest Webtrader platform is optimized for Chrome & Firefox browsers, allowing you to access your portfolio with ease, complemented by the BnkPro app so you can monitor and trade on the go as well,” BnkPro mentioned on its website.

BnkPro users will be able to take advantage of BnkPro Mastercard that offers competitive exchange rates.

FxPro and McLaren F1 Partnership

Recently, FXPro announced the extension of the company’s collaboration with the McLaren F1 Team. The partnership initially started nearly 3 years ago. According to FXPro, the mentioned partnership gained substantial recognition in recent times.

”We are delighted to extend our partnership with FxPro, a brand equally driven by technology, innovation, and excellence. As a long-standing collaboration, McLaren and FxPro will continue to work together to grow our aligned focus to perform at the highest level in our respective fields,” Matt Dennington, Director, Partnerships, McLaren Racing commented on the recently extended collaboration.

In July 2021, FXPro expanded its services with the introduction of weekend cryptocurrency CFDs trading.

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