NFT Dragon Metaverse? Interview With CryptoDragons Head of Development

As a crypto enthusiast and journalist recently actively writing about new technologies such as blockchain, NTF, and AI, I was intrigued by the hype surrounding the new NTF project CryptoDragons. The project was launched a couple of weeks ago, and there are already a lot of conversations around it. So I decided to contact the co-founders of the project directly to find out all the details of the NEW CryptoDragons Metaverse first-hand. 

The CryptoDragons’ metaverse felt like the platform’s ecosystem has several innovative implementations that can be good for the industry. I arranged an online interview with George, Head of Development of CryptoDragons. One of the main questions I asked him was whether CryptoDragons would just be a place to collect various NTFs in the form of dragon pictures.

“No, no, and one more time no”,- he said. “We called our dragon world a Metaverse for a reason. It’s literally the Metaverse, where different dragonlings will live. They have their own language (auth. Kassis), The Legend, the ability to breed and multiply, and most importantly – to earn, generate earning.


“To avoid confusion, let’s start from the very beginning”,- he starts with a wink.

“It has been argued that NFTs can be viewed either in ‎terms of their intrinsic value and cultural significance or as a good investment that can ‎lead to higher-value over time. We saw the third side as well – the possibility to earn from NFTs. This is the conceptually new view we based our project on. CryptoDragons is a unique NFT project, based on the Ethereum blockchain consisting of 9 smart contracts interconnected with each other by the logic of NFTs creation (ERC-721 standard) and the functionality they are used for. Decentralization of all the metadata related to NFTs and data about illustrations is realized using IPFS storage and cannot be changed after the creation. All the commercial rights of NFT usage are transferred to the wallet owner and cannot be taken away.

We aimed to create a strong community of dragon lovers, who can engage on the platform, as well as be entitled to an earning from the unique dragon NFTs they own. CryptoDragons will become a self-sufficient and sustainable platform for a close-knit community of enthusiasts where you can buy, sell, breed ‎dragons, participate in dragon battles and earn a stable income ‎from owning a unique dragon.”

“How are the NFT dragons generated? I’ve read about the first blockchain DNA your team has developed. Tell more about it”

“For the dragon creations, we have developed 25 genes with 16 variations each using 30 layers of colors, from which each of the genes and their variations consists. The blockchain DNA is the first innovative implementation we’ve made – each dragon on CryptoDragons will be generated out of 12,000 attributes and the above-mentioned gene combination. When they breed billions of unique NFT dragons will fill the Metaverse.”

“What about dragon Eggs?”

“It’s the most exciting and my beloved part of the project,- smiles George. – We’ve wanted to allow our community to trigger the “Big bang” of CryptoDragons Metaverse. Soon the platform will release a 10K limited collection of graphically AI-generated Eggs, with the Common, Epic, and Legendary dragons inside. When minted and revealed (on Hatching day, author’s note), they will be able to breed, fight and earn for their holders. The rarest Legendary dragons with a full 25 gene collection will generate 50% of the platform’s income from all breedings. This is the second innovation we’ve implemented.”

“It seems that the owners of the Legendary Dragon will earn just by keeping their NTF? I’m I right?”

“Exactly! All Legendary dragon owners will regularly earn, so why they are the most unique and wanted assets on the platform. None, even the creators know, from which Egg the Legendaries will hatch”.

“Cool! What about dragon battlings? Tell more about it”

“It’s the third innovation we’ve implemented. The full-fledge blockchain-based dragon battlings are already a reality. We have developed Arena, where dragon battlings will take place. NFT dragon owners will be able to challenge each other and fight either for a dragon or agreed ETH. The outcome of their wrestlings will highly depend on dragons’ genetic specifications. We call it “strength”. It’s a whole procedure of mathematical calculations and the outcome is calculated by a special algorithm. Blockchain integration will allow being sure of fair procedures, as the transparency of technology excludes all kinds of frauds and dishonest practices.”

“What about the project roadmap? I mean, do you have a vision, where the project is going?”

“Absolutely! The project is fully developed before the launch. We have a full-fledged roadmap and a clear vision of where it is going. But, it’s a secret, we don’t want to reveal beforehand,- winks Goerge”. “All you have to do now, is get your Egg, mint it, and hatch it later. The most exciting parts are ahead!”.

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