Obortech to Revamp The Supply Chain Sector Via Defi Solutions

Obortech, a user-friendly and unified communication and data exchange hub for supply chains disclose revolutionary intents to revamp the deformed supply-chain industry via DeFi solutions.

The blockchain-powered Smart Hub is a fully digital ecosystem that creates a reliable platform that connects multiple supply chain actors together.

The platform allows supply chain partners to share and exchange documents with guaranteed security.

Meanwhile, the supply chain sector is a multi-billion dollar industry which works as “the backbone for keeping multiple industries afloat.”

However, the supply chain industry is faced with many challenges as it is currently lagging in its efficiency regarding the management of multiple actors and their varying capacities.

Following Obortech’s concerns on the matter, it noted major defects  in a recent Press Release saying;

“Supply-chain industry has multiple actors having varying technical capacities. Yet most of them don’t have stable technical capacity to develop and maintain their communication and data in an efficient way.”

Communication barriers and inefficient documentation processes are also major loopholes encountered in the supply chain sector.

Furthermore, Obortech also cited that lack of skilled IT experts, outdated technology, and inefficient business models are the reasons the whole industry is still struggling.

They are apparently deploying complicated and costly logistics procedures, the report revealed.

Remediating Via DeFi Solutions

The deficiencies happening within the industry have been a major concern to Obortech.

Obortech considers remediating the defects through the creation of a simple and efficient communication hub.

According to Obortech, the problem of multiple actors with varying technical capacity is the current major reason the supply chain sector has been inefficient.

Obortech believes that a platform that everyone can use regardless of their technical capacity and knowledge will solve complications the sector encounters.

In a bid to put an end to the difficulties faced within the industry, Obortech has developed a blockchain powered smart hub designed to integrate Blockchain and cloud-powered communication hub.

This Smart hub is initiated to offer a simple, tamper-proof, unified, and online document exchange system.

“The Defi solution provider has developed a product that integrates real-time data and tracking of products while ensuring that it can be used by anyone without the necessary IT skills.” Obortech noted.

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