Phaeton: A Decentralized Investment Platform For a Sustainable Future

Today, thousands of token types are trading on multiple crypto platforms and almost double the number of crypto companies available in the public domain. However, most of these projects will not be there in five years since they were designed as per the trend five years ago. Phaeton aims to change the focus of the crypto community beyond finance and take sustainability to a new level. Phaeton blockchain would partner and establish new companies in various sustainable and renewable energy sectors to offer a stable economy and backing to the native token.

Phaeton has a decentralized ledger system with a 250kb block size (potential of one million transactions) and one-second creation time. Phaeton ecosystem would comprise of three core parts that will include,

Phaeton offers Multi-App Sustainable Ecosystem.

Phaeton network is powered by interoperability to improve accessibility, which opens the possibility of creating a public or isolated blockchain network. In addition, Phaeton boasts a secured and scalable environment with the delegated proof of stake to make the network faster, cheaper and even more environmentally friendly.

The hashing algorithm is faster than popular alternatives like MD5, SHA-3, secure against length extension attacks, parallelizable on multi-core architecture. Phaeton is a genuinely decentralized governance model creating an unbiased network. It incorporates BLAKE3, which is a recent evolution of the BLAKE cryptographic hash function. BLAKE3 combines general-purpose cryptographic tree hash bao with BLAKE2 to significantly improve SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, and BLAKE2. BLAKE3 splits its input into 1 KiB chunks like the leaves of a binary tree. Each chunk is compressed independently, so the degree of parallelism is equal to the number of chunks.

There are multiple applications up and running on top of the Phaeton blockchain.

  • Carbon Credits: While apps and platforms are being developed, there are very few Exchange Platforms for the digital carbon credit market. Phaeton has partnered with ACX which aims to unify technical, and business logic frameworks for blockchain-based TNFTs focused on carbon credit trading. The goal is to make it open source and democratize the carbon credit market, making it more accessible, transparent, and efficient.
  • Phaeton Real Estate TNFT Platform: Phaeton Real Estate Tangible Non-Fungible Tokens (TNFTs) Marketplace is a “Sidechain” of Phaeton Blockchain. It is a marketplace where real estate enthusiasts and investors can trade TNFTs. It is also a form of “crowdfunding” where sponsors and developers can mint tokens of the real estate projects and sell them on the marketplace.
  • Phaeton ESG Bond Exchange. In line with Phaeton’s ethos of positive social impact, Phaeton is establishing an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Bond Exchange powered by Blockchain technology. With so many Defi platforms in the market, Phaeton decided to focus on a specific sector, “the Bond Market”. It will help finance Phaeton’s projects, such as Green Modular Datacentres, Smarter Housing and Solar Farms. However, the Phaeton ESG Bond Exchange is also open to the public and governments.

What Makes Phaeton a Must-Have in one’s Investment Portfolio

The native token PHAE coin is a gateway to multiple applications and the Phaeton ecosystem. The fact that it will be backed by multiple businesses and companies in the ecosystem would only help the price of the token increase in value. Phaeton has established its smart contracts to ensure that it has redistribution and royalty components. It will allow resellers to dictate its resale price. However, when the transaction takes place, it will at the same time pay a royalty to the original sponsor, be it a real estate developer, promoter or investor.

Phaeton would also act as an incubator for many budding startups and offer its tools to empower SMEs to use Blockchain and Sidechain technology to bring an idea to life or increase market share. As an incubator, Phaeton focuses on helping Social Impact businesses that have conceived innovative ideas that require blockchain guidance during their initial stages until they can sustain themselves in the market.

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