PrimeXM’s November Trading Volume Reaches $1.23 Trillion

PrimeXM, one of the leading FX technology providers, recently released its trading numbers for November 2021. The company posted a record monthly trading volume of $1.23 trillion in the past month. In terms of average daily volume (ADV), the number touched $55.92 billion in November.

XAUUSD remained the most popular trading instrument last month and accounted for almost 30% of the overall monthly trading volume. On the other hand, the foreign exchange (FX) pair EURUSD came at the second spot followed by US 30 Index at 3rd place.

According to PrimeXM, nearly 81% of the total monthly trading volume was recorded in the company’s Data Center in LD4, around $995 billion in notional value. The data center in NY4 kept second place for 4th consecutive month.

“The Average Daily Volume (ADV) in November was $55.92 billion. The highest daily trading volume of the month was recorded on 26th November with $76.35 billion turnovers. The total number of trades in November was 31.84 million which is an over 24% YoY improvement compared to last year’s 25.64 million trades. 81% of the total monthly traded volume was recorded in our Data Center in LD4 – $995.24 billion in notional value. The trades passed through our newly established SG1 data center are steadily growing, reaching $1.7 billion,” PrimeXM mentioned.

Growth in 2021

PrimeXM saw consistent year-on-year (YoY) growth in trading volumes during 2021. The company’s data centers in LD4, NY4, TY3, and SG1 experienced a sharp surge in volumes throughout this year. In addition to XAUUSD, EURUSD, and US 30, other trading instruments like GBPUSD, US100, and GBPJPY also saw a rise in interest during 2021.

“XAUUSD accounted for about $367.7 billion of the monthly trading volume. Major FX pair EURUSD has returned to the second place after 3 months with a new record of $188.4 billion, and US 30 index is trailing behind in the 3rd place with $148.7 billion,” PrimeXM added in the official press release.

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