Sanshu Inu, The Newest Member of the Dogecoin Family is Here!

The current cryptocurrency market is widely dominated by a variety of newly launched pet animals tokens. The exponential rise in Dogecoin price has paved the way for several other meme-based cryptocurrencies to the crypto market.

While talking about Dogecoin, it’s hard not to mention Elon Musk, the community elected CEO of Dogecoin. He has been a catalyst in the Dogecoin price boom with his tweets and mentions. Elon Musk, aka Dogefather, is one of the most “influential persons” in the crypto community; not only dogecoin but also other crypto assets have witnessed the “Musk effect”.

After dogecoin, Shiba Inu ($SHIBA), dubbed Dogecoin Killer, entered the market and registered a remarkable rise. In line with the mission to take forward the legacy of Dogecoin, Sanshu Inu, a community-focused decentralized network, has emerged in the market. Like its predecessors, Sanshu is the latest Inu-inspired currency.

The growing Inu Family

Launched in May 2021, Sanshu Inu is one of the newest members of the Inu family, with some unique features to offer. Sanshu Inu operates on a deflationary token mechanism. It is a fully deflationary token where 1% of each transaction will be destroyed, and 1% will be distributed to holders as rewards.

Sanshu Inu Finance is a community-centric decentralised transaction network where the community takes all decisions. Sanshu is a unique protocol that comes with some exciting features, including:

  • Token Burn: Sanshu Inu Finance has burnt 58%+ of the total token supply, which can be tracked on Etherscan.
  • Redistribution: The redistribution mechanism is introduced to reward its holders. Sanshu will be giving 1% of every transaction to its holders.
  • Fair Launch: With the focus on community, Sanshu Inu Finance ensured a fair launch with no reserved tokens for the team.
  • Community Focus: Sanshu Inu Finance community believes in growth and community benefit, and it aims to include the community in any decision making. 
  • Flexible Management: With flexible Management, Sanshu finance tends to show a willingness to listen, discuss issues and interest of the community.

Apart from these community-focused features, Sanshu Inu Finance is launching its farming platform, Dogpark, parking for all types of animal coins!

Take your Pets to the Dogpark

The Sanshu Inu team has recently unveiled their yield farming platform which has already gained a lot of traction reaching a TVL of $5,773,821.45 at the time of writing this article.

With Dogpark, users can stake any popular Memecoin and start earning Meme Index Fund Tokens (MFUND tokens). These MFUND tokens represent a stake in an index, which rebases to the total Memecoin market cap. Users can unstake their assets anytime hassle-free. Also, rewards in the Dogpark Pools and Farms are calculated on each block.

Three farming pools are currently live on Dogpark, including:  

SANSHU – MFUND: With APR of 1,893.15%

MFUND – WETH: With APR of 2,050.98%

SANSHU – WETH: With APR of 1,542.03%

The adorable Sanshu Inu is moving towards a goal of creating a community focus and community-owned decentralised transaction network where the user always wins, no whales, no team tokens, a fair place for all. Good times ahead for the meme tokens and $SANSHU holders.

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