Steven Neyaroff Raises Serious Allegations Against Ethereum Founders – Here's What's Happening – Coinpedia Fintech News

In a recent and startling development, Steven Neyaroff, a key figure in the early days of Ethereum, has made bold accusations against the platform’s founders, Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin. Neyaroff, speaking on X (formerly known as Twitter), has promised to release incriminating evidence within the next 48 hours, claiming to have proof of fraudulent activities by the Ethereum creators.

Neyaroff’s Confidence in His Claims

Neyaroff’s statements have increasingly targeted Buterin, suggesting deeper involvement in what he describes as deceptive practices. In a recent communication,

Neyaroff confidently stated, “Remember this video when I drop the recording & what I tell Vitalik about 2.0 and to fix misaligned incentive structures. Is Vitalik the savior they bill him as to make Ethereum scale, or is he the reason it never scaled? Decide for yourselves.”

The Nature of the Allegations

Neyaroff alleges that Buterin and Lubin’s focus on these ICOs was not just a diversion but a deliberate attempt to profit at the expense of the industry’s integrity. He claims, “Only killer app was issuing Utility Tokens on ICOs, which I invented. Vitalik & Lubin sabotaged crypto. Their focus was merely to issue hundreds or thousands of fraudulent ICOs fleecing people.”

The cryptocurrency community is now on edge, waiting for Neyaroff to fulfill his promise of revealing evidence that could potentially shake the foundations of Ethereum. His allegations, if proven true, could have significant implications for the reputation and future of Ethereum and its founders. The following 48 hours are crucial as the world awaits Neyaroff’s next move.

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