Tokenbox goes to Dubai: WBF & CHSP international networking event

Tokenbox CEO Pavel Salas is heading to Dubai to join visionary leaders, economic pioneers and enterprising investors from around the world at World Blockchain Forum to discuss the future of our financial world. He will also speak at CSHP CLUB, the very first international network for blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, traders, investors and journalists.

The CHSP gathering will be held at PRAIA club, located in the heart of the beautiful FIVE hotel territory on the shore of the Arabia Gulf, on April 17th.

Pavel Salas, Tokenbox CEO will deliver a welcoming address. After Russian Business Council in UAE Saleh Al Aroud and UAE President’s advisor Mohammed Saeel Al Agri greet the guests, top managers of Russian projects will share and exchange experience with colleagues from UAE and other countries. There are heads of investment companies, UAE government officials, investors from Algeria, Oman, India and USA on the event list.

Pavel Panov, the “Millionaire” magazine publisher, will speak on the blockchain technology development and investing possibilities.

Then Reuben Godfrey from Ireland, ranked #3 on People of Blockchain, will tell about trends in the crypto exchange and features of centralized and decentralized solutions. Ildar Haripov, the founder of Finforge Capital management, member of Expert Council on the Legislative Regulation of Financial Technologies under the Committee on Financial Markets in the State Duma of Russian Federation will share his thoughts on Investments in ICO projects, on selection methodology, investment strategy and market trends. Maxim Pervunin, managing partner of TFH-RUSSIA, will speak from the stage about how AI currently affects the financial market.

Also, the date of the event is chosen in accordance to WBF, where an ambitious project of TERMINAL.GLOBAL will be presented. The project’s founder Anton Agoshkov will join the event in PRAIA and share some details on his project.

CSHP is an intelligent networking that develops art and technology and supports the most promising and meaningful blockchain projects worldwide.

TOKENBOX, created by The Token Fund team, is a unique ecosystem that combines investors and cryptocurrency funds under the control of professional portfolio managers.

The places and options for the partners are limited. In order to participate, please follow the registration link

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