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Twitter’s parent company, X, has reportedly initiated a program to sell inactive user handles, raising questions and concerns within the online community. The news came to light when Forbes received an email from an active individual associated with X, revealing the company’s decision to disable old Twitter handles and make them available for purchase. 

While rumors about this development had been circulating since November 2022, it is now confirmed that the plan is being put into action.

Why Does Elon Want To Sell Twitter Handles?

According to a memo signed by none other than entrepreneur Elon Musk, X aims to generate substantial revenue through this initiative, aiming to reduce operating expenses and bolster its overall financial standing. Users have also been advised to stay active and log into their accounts at least once a month to retain their handles.

Earlier this year, The New York Times reported that the team overseeing X’s handle marketplace is led by Jared Birchall, who also holds the position of President at the Musk Foundation. 

The report indicated that Birchall had identified several dormant Twitter accounts in the past, some of which may have already been sold for significant amounts. This move towards a handle marketplace signals X’s shift towards monetizing its platform beyond traditional advertising revenue.

The news has generated considerable buzz in the industry, with users expressing worries and engaging in debates over the ethics of buying and selling inactive online identities.

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