BBC QT audience member warns of David Cameron’s ‘hidden agenda’ in return

Audience member on David Cameron’s return to government

A BBC Question Time audience member has questioned if David Cameron has a “hidden agenda” re-entering frontline politics just a year before the Tories may suffer a “defeat”.

Addressing panelists, including former Cabinet Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg, the man queried why the former Prime Minister had taken up the surprise appointment as Foreign Secretary.

Rishi Sunak’s choice of Lord Cameron stunned many political commentators with some left wondering if the new head of one of the four Great Offices of State has certain plans for the furture.

The audience member on tonight’s Question Time said: “I think the question for me is what actually is the hidden agenda, I can’t imagine David Cameron’s come back just for a year until the next election, feels to me as if there is something more beyond that…

Ms Bruce interjected: “you think he is on a promise?”

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The gentleman continued: “Who knows, who knows in Westminster, who says what to who, I wouldn’t like to comment on that.

“But I do think if the Conservatives face an overwhelming defeat, you could see him back as leader of the Conservative Party.”

Ms Bruce asked the man wearing the blue and red check shirt if “that was something you would welcome?” to which he replied “I’ve always found him very relatable, I mean I know his background’s similar to Jacob there, but I’ve always thought he is really relatable for one reason, which is, actually he suffered personal tragedy in his life, and I think that makes him more relatable than most.”

Ms Bruce pointed out the audience member is alluding to the death of Mr Cameron’s son, Ivan, who died in 2009.

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