BBC QT: Mick Lynch takes swipe at ‘unembarrassable’ Boris Johnson – ‘Hope he’s undermined’

Rail strikes: RMT chief grilled on 'walking out' of talks

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Mick Lynch, who has dominated TV screens in recent days amid the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers’ (RMT) rail strike, joined Fiona Bruce on the BBC’s flagship political panel programme.

During his appearance, Mr Lynch shared his thoughts on Boris Johnson and even said he hopes the Prime Minister is “undermined”.

Speaking ahead of polls closing in yesterday’s by-election contests, Mr Lynch said: “I hope that he loses these elections and I hope that he is undermined, frankly…

“His main problem is that he is unembarrassable.

“No matter what he does he is not embarrassed by his failures, by the image he gives off and by his behaviour.”

However, Mr Lynch warned that Tory MPs will eventually oust Mr Johnson.

He said: “Ultimately, the Tories will get rid of him before the ballot box gets rid of him because that’s what is in their interest.”

Mr Lynch’s comments came after an audience member voiced support for the Prime Minister.

She said: “For all his faults… I think Boris has been doing a valiant job.”

The audience member then pointed to the Prime Minister’s response to Brexit and Covid as ways in which he has shown he has done “the best he can”.

However, Mr Lynch’s appearance on BBC Question Time also saw him discuss issues relating more closely to the transport industry.

The RMT’s rail strike in particular featured heavily during discussions on the BBC’s flagship panel programme.

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Around 40,000 staff members from the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) have ground the country to a halt over concerns about pay and work conditions.

However, voters also discussed the cost of living crisis and Dominic Raab’s move to reform the Human Rights Act.

Mr Lynch was joined on the panel by ex-Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib, Safeguarding Minister Rachel Maclean, Shadow International Trade Minister Nick Thomas-Symonds and Starling Bank CEO Anne Boden.

Ms Bruce will be joined by a new panel in Inverness next week, before heading to Barnsley in a fortnight.

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