Express readers crown Farage ‘true Brexit leader’ to lure him back to politics

Nigel Farage asked if he could deliver true Brexit

Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage could stage a return to frontline politics after criticising the Conservative Government’s management of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and record immigration figures.

He said that if he made a comeback he would stand on a “much more revolutionary agenda than just Brexit”.

A new poll has shown more than four in five readers support the Brexiteer making a return to politics.

The GB News host told Sky News’s Beth Rigby Interviews programme: “I think the gap between Westminster and where people are is even bigger than it was 10 years ago.

“I think there will be another insurgency in British politics. Whether it will be Reform, whether it will be me, whether we get a new Nick Griffin [former BNP leader].” The former MEP added: “Something is going to change. This gap is too big.”

In a poll that ran from midday on Wednesday, May 31, to 10.45am on Friday, June 2, asked readers: “Should Nigel Farage make a political comeback?”

Overall, 10,470 votes were received with the overwhelming majority, 82 percent (8,563 people), answering “yes” he should. Whereas, 18 percent (1,842 people) said “no” and 65 people said they did not know.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on Mr Farage’s future.

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The predominant view shared by readers was that Mr Farage should make a comeback, with username doneworrying writing: “Nigel Farage is the only politician who can bring sanity back into Parliament.”

Similarly, username RY28 said: “Hell yes. Nigel Farage is the true Brexit leader this country desperately needs.”

Username ginni6996 agreed, adding: “Of course, he’s needed now more than ever.”

However, others argued he should not return. Username hatfieldmain commented: “He would be best keeping quiet as it’s just making him look ridiculous.”

And username rodgering remarked: “Come back to what. He was never elected to Parliament.”

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