GB News: Nicola Sturgeon better than Boris but still a ‘poundshop Braveheart’

Nicola Sturgeon slammed by Cole-Hamilton over Covid powers

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James Melville told GB News presenter Patrick Christys that the First Minister was “locking Scotland in fear” in contrast to the Westminster Government’s “Living with Covid” strategy. Mr Melville, a communications and sponsorship consultant and Fife native added that it had created a mentality in Scotland that he found “heartbreaking”.

He said: “Her approach to Covid in our hour of emergency in Scotland I think has created a mentality in Scotland that might take a while to shake up.

“I’ve been up to Scotland a number of times visiting family and friends over the last few months and there’s a mood difference still in Scotland, in the response to Covid and I find that actually quite heartbreaking.”

Mr Christys then asked Mr Melville if Ms Sturgeon was actually of any use at all as a political leader or if she was just a “poundshop Braveheart?”

Mr Melville admitted that Ms Sturgeon was more professional than Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

 He continued: “I think the perception of Nicola Sturgeon largely born out by a lot of the media in Scotland was that she was a little more professional than Boris Johnson and I will actually give her that.

“Although basically Boris Johnson is looking from a low baseline.

“But there is from my own point of view the impression that she has taken Covid and the response to Covid too far.

“It’s gone on too long, Scotland’s at a point now where it should be like, for instance, England, where Scots are getting on with their lives and now learning to live with Covid and the freedoms in Scotland are unravelled.

 “So the people in Scotland feel free, confident they can move on with their lives, especially with this current variant, which is nowhere near as bad as it was a year ago.

“But Sturgeon is not giving that impression and is effectively locking Scotland in fear.”

Although all Covid rules have been lifted in Scotland, the Scottish Government is still encouraging a series of behaviours to reduce the severity of outbreaks.

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Scots are advised to get vaccinated if they are eligible and stay home if they feel unwell with Covid symptoms.

They are encouraged to open windows when socialising indoors and wear a face covering in public places and on public transport.

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