Humiliation for Jeremy Corbyn’s brother as he’s beaten by Count Binface

High-profile conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn, older brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has faced a humiliating defeat at last night’s by-election in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, coming behind satirical candidate Count Binface. 

Weather forecaster and climate change denier Piers Corbyn ran on behalf of his party, Let London Live, in a bid to fill the seat left vacant by former PM Boris Johnson following his resignation as an MP last month.

Conservative councillor Steve Tuckwell has been elected instead – seeing off Labour’s Danny Beales, along with the other candidates. 

Still, the infamous Count Binface, self-proclaimed intergalactic space warrior and independent political candidate, outperformed the former Labour leader’s rebel brother, bagging 190 votes against Mr Corbyn’s 101. 

Count Binface tweeted in reaction to the results: “In a field of 17 candidates, I came 8th. And for the second time in three years, I beat UKIP and Piers Corbyn in a democratic election. If that’s not a sign of hope, nothing is.” 

Mr Corbyn is yet to respond. 

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While campaigning for the seat, Mr Corbyn said in an online video: “I am the candidate for you to win this seat, which is the seat vacated by Boris Johnson, who asked me for advice many times on climate matters.

“This election is fast becoming a referendum against the political system that’s held us over the last few years and I am the candidate for the real change the country needs. 

“I lead the way in exposing the Covid restrictions and injections, and I’ve done more than any to beat ULEZ. I was called a crazy conspiracist, yet everything I said came true.

“I, Piers Corbyn, am the candidate for real change. Let London Live!” 

Much to the other candidates’ disappointment, the Conservatives narrowly held to the seat winning 13,965 votes, with Labour getting 13,470 and the Liberal Democrats 526 – meaning the majority is 495.

Despite attempts from candidates to focus on local issues, the contest was predictably overshadowed by former PM Boris Johnson.

Comedian Jon Harvey, who stood as Count Binface, previously ran against Mr Johnson in the 2019 general election. While campaigning for the latest electoral contents, Mr Binface took a dig at Mr Johnson’s honours appointments. 

He said: “I hate it. It stinks. It’s a complete travesty and that utter disgrace of a former prime minister should not have been allowed to recommend a single human to the (equally disgraceful) House of Lords.

“If I am elected to Parliament, I will seek a private member’s bill to repeal every single one of Bojo’s appointments, and for the icing on the cake I will also abolish the Lords. All of them.”

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