Starmer dealt new polling nightmare – Labour support squeezed as voters fume at ‘beergate’

Techne’s Michela Morizzo reveals findings of new polling

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According to the weekly tracker poll Conservative support is stuck on 34 percent while Labour lost a point down one to 39 percent. Meanwhile, the Lib Dems, who made the most gains in last week’s local elections, have gone up one point to 11 percent. It comes in a week where Sir Keir said he would resign as Labour leader if fined for breaking the rules at an event in Durham in April last year. But after a disappointing Queen’s Speech, Boris Johnson has been warned that he may only have until October to get a grip on his government.

The results appear to reflect a growing sense that Sir Keir may not be the right person to lead Labour to an election victory, especially with him still fighting allegations that he lied over the event in Durham on April 30 last year.

At the event he was joined by his deputy Angela Rayner and activists to eat more than £200 of curry washed down with beer.

Labour at first denied Rayner was there and also claimed it was impromptu but a memo revealing it had been planned before.

The revelations have led to claims Sir Keir “lied” and is a “hypocrite” for saying the Prime Minister should be removed for even being investigated by the Police.

Durham Police have now set up a major incident room to look at the accusations of covid rule breaking against the Labour leader.

Jeremy Corbyn ally Diane Abbott kicked off a bid by the hard Left to have Starmer removed as leader following local election results which were mixed.

Labour won iconic London councils off the Tories including Westminster, Wandsworth and Barnet, but lost Harrow to the Conservatives and made little impact in the Red Wall seats.

Meanwhile, sources have told that the Prime Minister is “not out of the woods” regarding Partygate and his own position.

The Conservatives lost less than the expected 550 seats in the local elections but there is growing anger over holes in his policy program with little in the Queen’s speech on the cost of living and no indication of early tax cuts.

The Techne UK/ Express tracker poll took the views of 1,634 people on May 11 and 12 and showed that confidence in Mr Johnson’s government is still negative – 35 percent confident, 63 percent not confident.

General disillusionment is underlined over the fact that almost a quarter (23 percent) said they are unlikely to vote in a general election and only 45 percent would definitely vote.

Michela Morizzo, chief executive of Techne, suggested that the poll was not good news for either of the main parties.

She said: “This week’s Techne Tracker shows Labour vote decreasing by 1 point to 39 percent with Conservatives unchanged at 34 percent.

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“No question that the Beergate saga has weakened Labour support even with Keir Starmer’s offer to resign should he get a fixed penalty notice. 

“Johnson and Sunak clearly missed an opportunity at the Queen’s Speech to reset the focus when they avoided offering cost of living help to families across the country.”

The results also put the Greens up one point to 6 percent while the SNP stayed at 4 percent.

If there were an election tomorrow the Electoral Calculus website Labour would be the biggest party on 309 seats short of a majority by 17 seats, again meaning they would need to do a deal with the Lib Dems on 13 seats and SNP on 50 seats in a Rejoiner alliance.

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