‘Stop patronising people’ Johnson ordered to address fuel crisis with new energy policy

Cost of living: Sunak should 'stop patronising' says host

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The Government has been pressured to introduce a new fiscal policy to better address the cost of living crisis which is gripping the nation. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been urged to focus on producing effective economic policy in order to support the population and pacify Tory critics of the Prime Minister within his own party. Boris Johnson survived the vote of no confidence on Monday evening, although there has been concern that Conservative party divides could continue to draw political focus away from major economic concerns.

Speaking on GB News, Liz Kershaw suggested the Conservative party could establish public favour by reducing fuel costs and removing VAT on fuel duty.

Ms Kershaw said: “The Chancellor can’t keep this going and stay fashionable, he’s actually putting VAT on fuel duty.

“88p out of every litre of petrol now is going straight to the treasury”

“So, stop patronising people by saying we’re going to give you £150 to help you through the winter when you’ve got a £2,800 fuel bill.

“Take it off at the pump.”

She added: “So, let’s have it be £52 [to fill up] and get people out, get people working, being productive.

“These are the sort of Conservative policies that people want to see.”

Ms Kershaw suggested economic measures to control soaring fuel costs would reinstate public support for Mr Johnson’s Government.

With Tory MPs criticising the Prime Minister amid fears his reputation could cost the Conservatives the next general election, successful economic measures could recover Mr Johnson’s leadership.

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Conservative Lord Daniel Moylan described the Chancellor’s current plan as a temporary “sticky plaster” as he urged the Rishi Sunak to introduce further measures.

Speaking to GB News he said: “I’m not as critical of the Government for the emergency package they’ve put in place to deal with the cost of living crisis.

“But, it’s a sticky plaster in an emergency package and it’s welcome, but they have to move on from that to get the fundamental policies right that will address the inflationary crisis we’re facing.”

Recent polling data from YouGov suggests 61 percent of the UK wants the Government to focus on the economy as the key political concern over other policy matters.

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Concerningly for the Tory party, YouGov data demonstrates that, in recent weeks, the public belief in Boris Johnson’s trustworthiness and competence has fallen.

Additionally, as of May, YouGov polling data shows 60 percent of respondents said the Prime Minister should stand down as leader of the Conservative party.

However, Mr Johnson was able to sustain enough support among members of his own party to survive a vote of no confidence with 211 votes to 148 opposing votes.

In order to retain his position as Prime Minister, the commentators suggested new economic measures should urgently be introduced to reinforce faith in the Conservative Government.

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