They’re glad we’re gone! UK was holding EU back, says Brexiteer – we can BOTH succeed

Brexit has ‘shaken things up’ says Sion Jobbins

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Tory MP John Redwood insisted he wished no ill will on the EU but said Brexit Britain was set on carving its own path going forward. During an interview with, Mr Redwood argued the UK was holding the bloc back on achieving its expanded European Union project goal. He also said the future for Brexit Britain looks bright with many opportunities.

Mr Redwood said: “I wish the EU well, I don’t want to put them down in any way.

“In some ways, we were holding back their great project.

“The EU want a much more centralised Government and control from Brussels, from the Commission and the European Parliament, which we didn’t want.

“They made their big breakthrough with a unified currency, which we didn’t want to join.

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“So what I hope is both sides will flourish in their different ways because we have chosen different political courses.”

Mr Redwood also highlighted the many opportunities now afforded to the UK that the EU would have prevented.

He said: “As I was beginning to describe for a couple of areas, we have new freedoms and opportunities.

“Britain is defining itself as a global trader and we can be an important voice for free trade worldwide.

Brexit has ‘shaken things up’ says Sion Jobbins

“I look forward to success in the recent open negotiations to join the Trans-Pacific partnership for example.

“There are a number of fast-growing economies that could be linked with us in a more free trading environment.

“The EU will go on and make its own decisions on how it hopes to develop.”

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Mr Redwood also insisted Britain’s trading habits could change nationally for the better going forward.

He said: “I would stress again that there is huge scope for us to make and sell more to ourselves.

“I don’t think we should be importing all the electricity that we have chosen to import in recent years from the continent.

“We are quite capable of generating our own power and as the Government wants an electric revolution we should be encouraging and ensuring the expansion of our energy capacity.”

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