Tucker Carlson Blame-Shifts Capitol Riot Into Fearmongering About Biden, Democrats

Tucker Carlson used the stain of pro-Donald Trump rioters storming the Capitol building Wednesday to launch a paranoid rant about what President-elect Joe Biden will do when he takes office. (Watch the video below.)

Pandering to his right-wing viewers, the Fox News host ominously declared that Biden and Democrats will exploit the mob violence to squash the rights of Americans.

Carlson condemned the mayhem, but tried to explain the frustration of those who believe the election was a sham ― a falsehood promoted by Trump and his enablers.

“Rather than trying to change their minds, to convince them and reassure them that the system is real, that the democracy works ― as you would do if you cared about the country or the people who live here ― our new leaders will try to silence them,” Carlson said. “What happened today will be used by the people taking power to justify stripping you of the rights you were born with as an American. Your right to speak without being censored, your right to assemble, to not be spied upon, to make a living, to defend your family, most critically.”

Carlson, who has continually given air to the baseless conspiracy theories of Trump and allies, continued:

“These are the most basic and ancient freedoms that we have, they’re why we live here in the first place, they’re why we’re proud to be Americans, they’re what make us different. And they’re all now in peril.”

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