Watch Rev. Raphael Warnock, Kerry Washington Discuss Georgia Runoff Election

Ahead of the Georgia runoff elections, Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock and actress Kerry Washington discussed what is at stake in the January 5th election as part of Rolling Stone’s Georgia Talks series.

“We say all the time that elections have consequences. I have to say that after we witnessed 325,000 American deaths [due to Covid-19], to say that elections have consequences is a gross understatement. Elections are a matter of life and death,” Warnock said. “Tragically, we are seeing in real-time the difference that public policy makes, and the difference it makes when you have people in office who actually care about people, and who place their concerns first. But I am very inspired and encouraged by what we’re seeing on the ground here in Georgia.”

Warnock also talked about how he and Stacey Abrams worked together at the New Georgia Project, which helped swing the state Democratic in the 2020 presidential election after years of being a mainstay GOP territory.

“Since 2018, we’ve registered 800,000 new voters in this state. Forty-nine percent of them are people of color, 45 percent of them are under 30,” Warnock said. “What you are seeing in Georgia is the new South emerging. It is the reversal of the old Southern strategy that sought to divide people and win office by appealing to old bigotry and forms of xenophobia, and it’s bringing people together. So you’re seeing a more progressive, open, and inclusive South. Georgia is the tip of the spear.”

During the half-hour conversation, Washington and Warnock also talked his jump from the ministry to the political arena, his history of activism, and his opponent, Republican senator Kelly Loeffler. “She profited from the pandemic,” Warnock said. “Who profits off a death-dealing pandemic?”

“Welcome to the new Georgia, welcome to the blue Georgia,” Warnock added. “And come January 5th, we’re going to seal the deal.”

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