11 chilling signs there’s a demon in your house – from ant nests to sick smells

Ants swarming your home could be a sign that you are living with a demon, according to a chilling Facebook post.

An apparent authority in demonic hauntings shared an extensive list of symptoms someone might be suffering if an evil spirit is sharing the same four walls.

Facebook user Kizito Joseph told members of group, 'The Rich History of the Catholic Faith' that simple irritations such as constant arguing, bad smells and even money problems can be caused by a demon.

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As a footnote to the terrifying list, Kizito admitted: "Some of these can be natural and easily explained. So before jumping to conclusions, please consult with an exorcist."

He also advised those worried to carry holy water, a St. Benedict medal or "scapular of our lady of mount St Carmel".

According to Kizito physical disorientation is the first sign, explaining that it could mean someone in the family always gets sick.

The second is emotional disorientation causing people to always fight inside the home, residents developing depression, feeling sluggish, worthless, unloved and rejected.

Brits right now will be most concerned about the suggestion that insects invading their home all of a sudden is because of a demon.

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The specific creatures to be cautious of appearing according to the post are ants, flies, mosquitoes, snakes and a single black bird.

A critic hit back saying: "Mosquitos everywhere – ? Seriously – it’s summer and you live near a River or pond."

Alarm bells should begin to ring if a strange odour is also infiltrating the home, Kizito claims. He reels off fish, sulphur, wool, candles and even a dead animal as smells you do not want to be sniffing.

He explained: "It is also possible to smell only in a particular part of the house (for example in the living room, or in the bedroom.)"

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Unusual behaviour of animals such as a dog continuously barking or being too afraid to go inside a particular room is fifth on the list.

Household items moving on their own and electronic appliances turning on and off as seen in poltergeist movies is sign number seven.

The next warning is fairly vague and all encompassing as it is simply 'countless problems'. Kizito detailed: "Having a series of money problems, in business, in child vice, spouse vice, relations with neighbours, relations with relatives, successive deaths of family members and so on."

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As well as odd smells, the list warns of creepy sound disturbances including the "crying of a child, sound of footsteps and someone calling your name".

The ninth symptom is just a 'strange feeling' evoking fear, a dramatic temperature or the feeling that someone is looking at you.

If any of the above is yet to spook you, how about sleep disturbances being another possible sign of a demon as it allegedly gives mortal housemates nightmares.

Ticking off almost all the senses is 'unusual sight' which can take the shape of shadows, black smoke and children.

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Kizito continued: "Sometimes angels, bright light, white smoke, stains on the wall that formed as Jesus, and so on. Footprint on the floor, hand scratch on the wall, blood on the wall, and so on."

Someone commented on the post: "Please get a priest have him bless your house get your house in enthroned to the Sacred Heart. Make sure you are in a state of grace of all times"

A more critical thinker replied: "Yes, but you have to eliminate other normal everyday reasons – like bugs ants and lies you need to clean your house better more often or someone hiding food and forgetting it. Not sleeping – bad pillow or mattress.

"Stress out too much about work or home issues."


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