BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of gale force winds ahead of weekend heatwave

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood issues warning for gales

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BBC Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood has told BBC Breakfast the UK is set to be hit by gales and blustery showers as new weather fronts take hold. Ms Kirkwood promised a dry and sunny day for many Britons on Tuesday which temperatures settling in the low to mid-twenties. She did warn however that the weather in the north of the UK is set to be bluster with gales likely to form in the coming days. 

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “The weather this week for most of us actually it is going to be mostly settled.

“It is going to be dry, it is going to be sunny and there will be some warm sunshine at that.

“On Friday temperatures in the southeast could reach 23 or 24.

“But if you are in the north of the country tomorrow especially it is going to turn windier and as a result of the change in air mass, it is going to be that bit cooler.

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The weatherwoman continued: “So this morning what we got is this weak weather front moving south.

“High pressures firmly in charge, you can see from the isobars it is going to be windier in the far northwest.

“Cloud arriving bring in some drizzle with it eventually to western Scotland, and also northwest of Northern Ireland.

“But for most of us as we loss this morning’s mist and fog, and it is quite dense in places, in East Anglia and the southeast especially, we will found that there will be a lot of sunshine.”

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She added: “So if you are heading off to the Chelsea Flower Show today it is set for 21 degrees the top temperature.

“We are looking at 16 as we push up toward Stornaway. 

“Now through this evening and overnight still clear skies in the south which means the temperature will fall away.

“There will be some mist and fog reforming here. 


“Areas of cloud pushing south with some drizzle, and a new weather front coming in from the northwest introducing some rain.

“That rain will be heavier than it is likely to be through the course of today.

“Gusty winds, locally we are looking at gales.

“Into tomorrow then, here is that weather front, look at that isobars – so windy even as we come further south.”

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