BBC Weather: Kirkwood forecasts ‘persistent rain’ ahead of 29C heat this weekend

BBC Weather: UK set for humid and showery conditions

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BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood also predicted temperatures ranging from 15C to 24C across parts of the country. Outbreaks of rain have been predicted in the North due to low pressure. Murkier conditions have been predicted in Cornwall and Northern parts of England, due to fog and mist. And Ms Kirkwood warned people living in Northern Ireland and Western parts of Scotland to expect the wind to hit speeds of between 40mph to 4mph

Ms Kirkwood said: “So what is happening, we’ve got this weather front coming in from the West.

“That’s moving Eastward bringing showery outbreaks of rain with it, low pressures anchored towards the North.

“And we’re importing all this humid air across the UK, so you will wake up and notice that, if you’ve managed to sleep in, and it will be with us through the course of today.

“It’s quite a cloudy start as well, some low cloud mist and fog across the hills and coast, especially Cornwall in through Northern England, Central and Eastern Scotland.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “And at the same time our weather front is going to be pushing steadily Eastwards producing showery outbreaks of rain here and there.

“Nothing too heavy, temperatures today ranging from 15C in Lerwick to 24C in Birmingham.

“The top temperature is likely to be 27C in Norwich, and now through this evening you can say goodbye to that weather front, there it goes.

“But you can see we’ve got another one coming in from the South West, pushing Northwards and Eastwards.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “This one, will have some heavy and persistent rain in it, and as it clears Northern Ireland, for you what you’ll find is it will turn that bit fresher.

“For the rest of us, it’s going to be another humid night, and we’ll see it again.

“A lot of murk, particularly so around that band of rain.

“Now this weather front, is what we call a waving front, so it literally is doing this, so don’t take where it’s lying for gospel because this is roughly where we expect it to be.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “On the Southern side of it, there will be dry weather and some sunshine.

“And on the Northern side of it, there will also be a lot of dry weather and some sunshine.

“But windy, windy across Northern Ireland and Western Scotland, gusts 40mph to 45mph.

“But note on the other side of the front, how fresher it’s going to look and feel, whereas as we head South, it still is going to be humid.

“With temperatures climbing up to about 29 degrees.”

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