Bear chases terrified commuter down Siberian street

Moment escaped bear chases terrified man down Siberian city street before being hit by bus as it dashes into traffic and sends commuters fleeing

  • A commuter was chased by a brown bear on a street in Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia
  • The terrified man fled upon seeing the bear who immediately gave chase 
  • The bear was clipped by a bus and was injured but continued his pursuit  

This is the moment a terrified commuter runs for his life while being chased by a bear who was able to continue its pursuit despite being hit by a Siberian city bus. 

The man had been on a snowy pavement making a phone call when the escaped beast suddenly approached him.

At first, the commuter remained astonishingly calm with the female bear only a few feet away.

This is the moment a bear sneaks up behind an unsuspecting commuter in Siberia 

The bear then leaps up at the man who tries to retreat away from the animal’s sharp claws and teeth 

At one stage it appeared that the man was about to be mauled by the bear

The predator – which fled from a grim private zoo at a local hotel, sauna and car wash complex in Nizhnevartovsk – butted the commuter on his legs.

At this the man fled from the beast which immediately chased him.

He crossed the street in front of an oncoming bus which then hit and wounded the tailing wild animal.

People at a nearby bus stop also fled, said reports.

Locals say the ‘frightened and confused’ bear had been wandering around the Siberian city for an hour or so before the incident after escaping its cramped cage.

After sustaining a minor injury, the bear hid behind some heating pipes at an industrial site where it was guarded by armed police.

The owner of the hotel complex , Anvar Agayev, told police he did not want the escaped bear back – and gave permission for the beast to be shot.

The man runs off after narrowly escaping the large bear which in Nizhnevartovsk Siberia 

At one stage the man looked back to see whether the bear was gaining on him

The bear was struck by a commuter bus, but was able to continue with its pursuit of the man

Reports said police were monitoring the animal and deciding its fate.

Locals reacted furiously to ‘monsters’ who had caged the bear as an attraction for customers at the hotel, sauna and cat wash.

Some demanded its release in the forest, while others called for it to be housed by a zoo, but there were fears it would be shot.

Yana Krasnova posted: ‘Now the bear will be killed because of this idiot.’

Nadyusha Studneva wrote: ‘Poor bear, it is clear that he is scared, disoriented.

‘I hope he stays alive. Do not shoot at him.

‘Do not destroy such a beast – help him return to the forest.

‘Or can we only destroy and kill in Russia?’

The bear waited briefly at a pedestrian crossing sign according to online footage 

Alexandra Averyanova posted: ‘This bear is from the nearest car wash, where monsters locked him in a cage…

‘The bear fled from them.’

Tamara Tamarova wrote: ‘It is the owner of the bear who should be shot.’

Latest reports said the authorities had decided to spare the beast’s life and look for a facility to keep the animal.

Mayor Vasily Tikhonov was quoted as saying he had received so many calls demanding to save the animal that a decision had been made not to shoot the bear.

The bear was shot with an anaesthetic so its wounds could be checked by local vets.

‘Then we will find a suitable place for it to live,’ he said.

‘I had many calls with pleas to save its life.’

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