Biker crashes on stuntmen during ‘Globe of Death’ stunt in heart-stopping moment

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    This is the terrifying moment a circus stunt went wrong when a biker fell on top of other performers inside a Globe of Death.

    The accident was witnessed by a shocked audience at the Gandey's Glitterati Show inside Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent, and was recently shared on social media.

    In the video, four bikers were going at speed while riding a motorbike in the metal globe cage.

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    At one point one stuntman, who was climbing up the globe, dropped from the top and crashed onto another performer.

    The two of them quickly brought a third colleague down while the fourth one managed to reduce the speed of the motorbike and land safely.

    The crowd let out a shocked "Oh!" and watched in silence before the emergency and safety team scrambled up to the stage.

    They opened the cage and got inside to check on the bikers.

    A host came onto the stage and asked the public to remain seated as the crew assessed the performers.

    One viewer commented: "I witnessed this, was such a shame they were gutted. Luckily everyone was okay."

    "There's always going to be a risk, that's half of the fun of watching. I love Gandey's Circus and I've been amazed by this bike act in the past," a second added.

    And a third wrote: "But for how often they do this stunt, one accident isn't bad."

    Binky Beaumont, tour director at Gandeys Circus, told Daily Star: "The incident happened at the end of the interval on Sunday night.

    "The bikers involved were fine, everyone was safe and our team handled it professionally.

    "They got up and walked out of the globe safely – two of them were very emotional when the audience gave them a round of applause and a standing ovation.

    "The most important thing is we are absolutely meticulous about protective gear. They're well-padded, well-protected, everyone was fine, nobody was injured.

    "We've got four days off and they will be back performing when our 12-week Spring tour show opens this Thursday in Knutsford."


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