Bitter subzero -2C blast will freeze millions as temperatures take deep dive

Brits will freeze as temperatures dive below subzero this month, according to the latest weather charts.

November is set to be the coldest so far in winter the UK has endured with some places expected to see -2C.

Most of the UK will begin to see mercury take a plunge from November 17, with majority of Scotland barely being able to remain above freezing on the evening.

North of England will suffer low single-digits as the south remains between 6 and 9C in a couple of weeks.

However, the mercury will fall even further with a brutal ice blast on the way, reports WXCharts.

On Thursday, November 18, millions of Brits will wake up to low figures with most of the country unable to scrap past 3C throughout the day.

The afternoon will see a chill spread throughout the morning and northern parts of the UK minus figures.

The worst of the wintry conditions will feature on Friday, November 19, with Wales forecast to battle -2C temperatures – the coldest in all the UK that week.

The south of England, Northern Ireland, the Midlands and London will all face subzero predictions.

North of Manchester, Edinburgh, and south of Scotland are also likely to battle -1C as early as 6am onwards.

Unfortunately, the weather won't heat up soon with the following night just as bitterly cold and the weekend expected to resume the chill.

Milder conditions will slowly creep back in on Sunday after the majority of the week has suffered the ice sweep across the UK.

It comes as snow is expected to hit in the middle of the month with 2.5cm of snow potentially falling over three days.

The weather agency forecast the white stuff will hit from November 16 for three consecutive days – the same period the mercury will plunge below subzero.

Scotland and North Wales are the most at risk, with Inverness believed to see the most snowfall over that period if temperatures do dive.

However, a band of sweeping rain is also set to come in from the Atlantic as it moves eastwards across the UK – and could cause havoc on the snow settling.

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