Bloke ends up with ‘super-gonorrhoea’ after unprotected sex in Cambodia

A super-resistant strain of gonorrhoea has been discovered in a bloke after he is said to have had unprotected sex with a sex worker.

The unnamed Austrian man, believed to be in his 50s, contracted the super-gonorrhoea strain after an encounter with a sex worker in Cambodia.

He failed to wear a condom and has since become a medical oddity, with a super strain of the sexually transmitted disease inside of him that appears to be resistant to most usual medicines.

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One scientist in charge of investigating the new strain has said it could pose "a major global public health threat."

A science journal reported that up to 13 different drugs had been tested on the bloke to try and rid him of his super-gonorrhoea, but that the new strand of the virus had been "resistant" to most drugs.

Sifting through medical jargon on the report revealed that a group of eight scientists had concluded the strand of super-gonorrhoea was "a concern for future treatment" of the disease.

They added that it would also pose a major global public health threat, with the gonorrhoea strand developing antibiotic resistance since the 1930s.

Most cases of gonorrhoea can be treated with a round of antibiotics, but no such luck for the Austrian man.

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Scientists concluded that of the 13 drugs provided as a means of reducing the bloke's gonorrhoea, six were resistant, five were not available and two were "susceptible".

Penicillin G and Spectionmycin were listed as the two susceptible , with the former marked as "increased exposure" for the bloke's super-gonorrhoea.

The super strain was resistant to most other antibiotics, with the newly uncovered strain causing worries for the medical community.

Gonorrhoea can cause a burning sensation while peeing for men affected with the sexually transmitted disease, with the NHS saying the disease is "easily passed on during sex."

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