Boy, 13, has ‘chunks of skin’ ripped off face during sickening police dog attack

A young boy’s family is demanding justice after he was savagely mauled by a police dog that tore “chunks of skin” from his face and neck.

Jayden Abraham was raced to hospital with “horrific” injuries to his body following the brutal attack.

The 13-year-old was caught by the police dog in a suburb of Perth in Australia on Sunday night (November 13).

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He was arrested alongside two other kids and a 21-year-old man following reports of break-ins around the location.

But only the older man was charged with an offence and the youngsters were released without punishment.

Mervyn Eades, leader of the indigenous community, slammed the attack as "malicious" and "criminal" and even called for the police dog handler to be charged with a criminal offence himself.

He told 9News: "No charges have been laid against this child, he was not in the act of committing any crime or anything like that, so why did they do it?

"There is no logical reasoning to set a dog upon a 13-year-old child."

He said that although the kid had sprinted away from the cops after he saw them, this is a natural thing to do for a lot of youngsters from his background.

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"That's just the way it is, so they ran and Jayden actually stopped, he didn't want to run no more, and then he stopped, police apprehended him," he explained.

Officials have opened an investigation into the incident but insisted they acted appropriately with the information they had at the time.

Western Australia Police Deputy Commissioner Kylie Whiteley said: "In the middle of the night, in the dark, it's unknown who you are chasing, so in those circumstances a police dog may be deployed, and in this instance it was a 13-year-old and others.

"It was appropriate the dog was deployed to the incident. They're the sorts of incidents we would expect a canine unit to attend to."

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