Brit fighting in Ukraine ‘lucky to be alive’ after Russian shrapnel hit throat

A Brit who has been risking his life fighting in Ukraine almost paid the ultimate price when he was hit in the throat by a lump of shrapnel.

Adam Ennis, 36, from Biggar, Scotland, was in the blast radius of a 120mm shell that smashed into the bonnet of the vehicle he was travelling in.

He had left his business Big B's Garage in South Lanarkshire to fight on the front lines despite no training or military experience.

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He joined the International Legion and has since shown off his injuries from a makeshift hospital.

With a bloody bandage around his arm, he sits in a wheelchair. Another bandage is wrapped around his arm.

The left side of Adam’s body can be seen with puncture wounds, with others on his neck and throat.

The mechanic poses with a pal who is also in a wheelchair, except he has bandages around both his legs.

In a message, Adam confirmed his platoon would be continuing on in Odessa, some 300 miles south of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

The black sea region has been a key point of focus for the Russian military’s offensive.

Adam said last night (July 19) from an unknown location: "Jumped out our humvee [military car] to attack the position and a 120 [bomb] landed on our bonnet.

"Took shrapnel to the face and neck with a piece entering below my ear and stopping in my throat. Got shrapnel in my face, neck, head, left hand, lower left arm, upper left arm, left hamstring.

"Luckily all my boys are alive and will live to fight another day.

“Nothing can stop me getting to Odessa."

Adam, who has not seen his family for almost a year, previously told the Daily Record: “Morale is good with both us international boys and the Ukrainian people. We are united and committed to the cause.

“It's heartbreaking some of the things I have seen out here, I have lost friends but I am happy with my choice to be part of this fight against tyranny.”

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