British OAP, 83, who married 37-year-old Egyptian toyboy hits out

EXCLUSIVE: British pensioner, 83, who shot to fame after marrying 37-year-old Egyptian toyboy slams him as a ‘selfish money-grabber’ – three years after marrying him

  • Iris Jones, 83, gave her thoughts on the now-abandoned romance on Facebook

An 83-year-old woman who shot to fame after marrying her Egyptian toyboy lover more than half her age has slammed him as a ‘selfish money grabber’.

Iris Jones, 83, tied the knot with Mohamed Ibrahim, 37, in June 2020 and assured critics who included her family, insisted there relationship would last.

But three months ago it emerged she has thrown him out of her home near Weston-super-Mare and replaced him in her affections with her cat Mr Tibbs.

In a post on her Facebook page Iris, who once boasted of the ‘great sex’ the couple had, said:’ I wish to tell you all the truth about the relationship between Mohamed and myself from the day her first messaged me until now.

‘On June 25 2019, I received a message from Mohamed, and we became friends on messenger.

Iris Jones, 83, gave her thoughts on the now-abandoned romance on her Facebook page

She has thrown Mohamed out of her home near Weston-super-Mare and replaced him in her affections with her cat Mr Tibbs

‘He seemed a nice bloke and right from the start that he was forced into a marriage and that as a result four children were born.

‘He was going through a divorce and felt that I was the person who could understand and that he could talk to.

‘He sent me photos of himself and I told him:’ You will soon find someone else, a good looking chap like yourself.’

‘I told him about myself, an old biddy pushing 79 years with two grown up sons, older than him, both married and living not far from me.

‘Our messages to one another continued and I began to realise he was getting to be more loving and on July 10 2019, he proposed marriage!

‘He’d never seen what I looked like and my first reaction was ‘You are bloody mad!’

‘But the love bombing continued and in November 2019 I flew to Cairo and met him.

‘I had taken several thousand pounds with me, and I paid all his debts as he had ben borrowing on his credit card.

The romance captivated the country and the pair would post loved-up images on Facebook

‘We had a wonderful time and I stayed for a month. We tried to get married, but we didn’t have the correct documents.’

Iris then went on to describe how an official at the British Embassy in Cairo, called john Neil, warned her: ’Don’t give him any money.’

Sadly, Iris failed to listen to his advice and wrote how the next time she went to visit Mohammed she took £15,000 and handed it to him.

By now Covid had hit and attempts to get married were thwarted by the pandemic but on her third trip in 2020 they did tie the knot.

Iris said: ’I had £40,000 in my bank account and I handed over my bank card to Mohamed every day and we were drawing 1000 Egyptian pounds daily.

‘This was to pay for living expenses, eating out, a honeymoon in Sharm-El-Shiek and generally enjoying the high life.’

After three months in Egypt Irish returned to the UK and as she left Cairo, she wrote how Mohammed had told her: ’Check your bank account when you get back to Heathrow.

‘I think you will have about nine grand in there.’

Furious Iris stormed: ’He was absolutely correct. £9,000 left of the £40,000. Mohamed has never had a job and has never had any money.

‘I used to say to people that we shared expenses, but my money paid for everything.’

Iris added how even when back in the UK, Mohammed would ask for money, and she sent him another £14,000.

In November 2021, Mohammed obtained a spousal visa and was able to travel to the UK where he was allowed to stay for two years, pending a review in two months’ time.

To satisfy the Home Office, Iris paid money into his account so that it wouldn’t look as if he was ‘sponging off state’.

But even after getting a job at a local supermarket, Irish wrote how he would still ‘keep asking for many’ so much so that she gave him another £26,000.

Iris said: ’I told him: ‘no more money. If I dropped dead tomorrow, I wouldn’t have enough to bury me.’

She went on: ’He did say at that stage that he needed another £40,000. Well, you will have to whistle for it because I haven’t got it.’

Iris added the relationship then started to deteriorate, with numerous rows, especially after Mohamed learned he would not be inheriting her seaside bungalow.

Mohamed offered to give Iris the names of women who were ‘coming onto him’ if she changed her will and tellingly on her post she wrote: ’This occurred to me that maybe that’s why he married me.’

Iris ended her lengthy post by saying: ’There is much more I can say at this juncture, but it could involve legal issues.

‘From Mohamed’s behaviour, I learned that he was displaying many of the traits of narcissism.

‘I researched the condition thoroughly, as I wanted to save my marriage, but Mohamed wouldn’t listen.

‘He was always right, I was always wrong. On June 13 of this year, after another vitriolic row, I told him to go.

‘It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, as my love for Mohamed was genuine but it was no good pretending that things would improve.

‘I let my head rule my heart. There is so much more I could say at this point but that will be for another post.’

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