California fire dept finalizes probe into exotic dancer in truck

Stripped of their powers? California fire department completes probe into firefighters caught bringing bikini-clad exotic dancer into the back of their truck – but WON’T say what punishments will be meted out

  • In October footage went viral of an exotic dancer leaving a parked fire truck and walking into the Pink Poodle strip club in San Jose
  • An investigation was launched: on Tuesday, the city confirmed that the inquiry had concluded – but the results have not been published
  • A firefighter told KRON4 that the firefighters involved with the Pink Poodle incident still remain on the job 

Investigators in San Jose have concluded an inquiry into a bizarre episode in which an apparent exotic dancer was seen walking out of a fire truck – but are yet to say whether anyone involved will be disciplined.

The city was shocked by footage from October of the bikini-clad woman in high heels climbing down from the fire truck parked outside the Pink Poodle strip club, and marching through the door.

‘If the investigation concludes that this video is as bad as it looks, then heads must roll,’ said Sam Liccardo, the mayor at the time.

‘We cannot have a life-critical emergency rescue apparatus relegated to a frat party bus, nor tolerate any conduct that so demeans the heroic work of the rest of our SJFD team.’

On Tuesday the city confirmed to KRON 4 that the inquiry had concluded. 

But they would not say whether anyone would face punishment.

A video posted to Instagram in October appeared to show a woman exiting a San Jose Fire Department truck and strutting into a local strip club wearing just a bikini and extremely high heels

Matt Mahan, the new mayor, who replaced Liccardo, said he expected the fire chief, Robert Sapien, to act. 

‘Like all of our residents, I was shocked when I saw the video, and have to believe the investigation will show conduct well below the high standard the women and men of San Jose Fire hold themselves to everyday,’ said Mahan. 

San Jose Fire Chief Robert Sapien

‘I have the utmost confidence Fire Chief Sapien will conduct a thorough review of what happened and take appropriate action once that work is done.’ 

A firefighter told KRON4 that the firefighters involved with the Pink Poodle incident still remain on the job.

‘You can’t make this stuff up,’ the firefighter said. 

‘It is so hush hush in our department, it’s an internal affairs deal. We are in the dark about it too. 

‘Our department has been known for buffoonery.’

The video was posted in October to an account called San Jose Foos.

It showed a firetruck parked in front of local strip joint The Pink Poodle.

After a few moments the truck’s door swings open and a brunette woman wearing a string bikini, platform stilettos and nothing else hops out and struts into the club.

An Instagram account called San Jose Foos posted the video after it was first posted by a private account

The Pink Poodle brags that it is San Jose’s only all-nude strip club. It has served the community since 1963

The city’s mayor says heads will roll if the video posted online turns out to be as bad as it looks following investigation

The Pink Poodle’s website boasts that it is ‘San Jose’s only all-nude strip club.’

The identity of the woman is unknown, and it is not known whether the female works there.

The San Jose Local Firefighter Executive Board said in a statement in October: ‘We are aware of the situation. This union does not condone what was seen on video. 

‘The fire department is handling and investigating. This does not represent the values of San Jose firefighters Local 230.’ 

The Pink Poodle has been in business in San Jose since 1963, according to its website.

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