Cats getting stressed out because their owners are spending more time at home

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Cats are getting stressed out because their owners are spending more time at home.

Veterinary surgeons are reporting a rise in the number of moggies suffering stress-related conditions.

They say it is being caused by owners spending more time at home because of the pandemic – which is damaging the cats’ daily regime.

Veterinary nurse Debbie James, from Vet’s Klinic in Swindon, said it could become a life-threatening issue.

She said: “We have seen a rise in blocked bladders in male cats and cystitis in male and female cats during the lockdowns and coming out of lockdown. The most common cause is stress.

“Blocked bladder is a life threatening condition and if you notice your male cat straining to urinate or not urinating or urinating in strange places around the house or blood being present then contact your vets as soon as possible.”

The issue of humans being the cause of a cat’s stress is something that should not be taken personally.

Debbie said: “Any change in routine can unsettle cats as they are a creature of habit. They like routine and any change, such as people being home more, can cause a cat to become stressed.

"If cat owners are working from home or self-isolating then the advice is to keep their routine as similar to normal as possible.”

Hiding places and resources for food, water and litter trays in a quiet area are suggested to keep cats feeling mellow.

Dogs do not suffer from the same stress but Debbie said: “Cats need space and time alone. Dogs don’t need this as much, but this isn’t to say that they don’t suffer with their own problems as a result of the lockdown.

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“A lot of people got puppies during lockdown, many who are brand new and inexperienced.

“Now a lot of lockdown puppies that have grown up during lockdown in particular haven’t had any proper socialisation – with people, other dogs, the vets, to name a few.

“They’ve become very protective over their owners and tend to have separation anxiety as a result of their owners being home all the time.”

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